Review: Finding Faith by Reana Malori

finding faithReviewed by Shelly

This was an okay read; it could/should have been better if there was actual conflict. Cooper Branson is a former Special Forces (Army) with a precocious (aren’t they all) 4 year-old daughter. Leaving the armed forces after his wife died to take care of his daughter, Cooper’s been doing just fine with his memories and there’s nothing he won’t do for Madison. Deciding that’s it’s time to move on, Cooper and Madison move into a new neighborhood. Next door neighbor, Faith Douglas, catches a glimpse of Cooper, Madison and the menagerie that is his family and decides to do the polite neighborly thing (providing a home cooked dish).

This is a new to me author but Reana Malori has been around for a while and has quite a few books published. I figured now’s as good a time as any to read one of her stories. This is in all essence – a friends to lovers story, which is great, but their friendship was over a long span, a few months during which time each went on dates. There was something about Faith I just couldn’t get in sync with. I didn’t find her personable. There’s wasn’t much, if anything, about her childhood or family. There’s a single friend who had some critical words for Faith, but she was ‘dealt’ within the first chapter. The only piece of Faith’s background that I got was that she’d been in a few relationships, nothing too specific and yeah, she’s a plus size woman.

Cooper had a bit more history but it was everything to do the life with his wife. There wasn’t much mentioned about his parents who clearly have helped him raise his daughter. I actually wanted to read more on the interaction between him and his daughter and maybe the everyday challenges of being a single parent who works outside the home and is unable to be the constant caretaker for his child.

The same way I didn’t feel Faith falling in love with Cooper, I just never felt that ‘jolt’ when Cooper went from seeing Faith as a friend to more as a lover. The situation when he started questioning his feelings for her came off as more of a possessive vibe than ‘I really like this woman because she’s kind, sweet, loves my kid and pretty’. There were glimpses of chemistry, but I read it more than I felt it. But what really lacked the most was the conflict – there was none, just a lot of internal angst that didn’t ring true especially considering their life experiences and ages.

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Rating: C

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Finding Faith
by Reana Malori
Release Date: August 17, 2015

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