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Review: Eleanor and the Iron King by Julie Daines

Eleanor and the Iron King_COVER.inddReviewed by Jen

I feel I should start out saying two things. One: many people loved this book. It has a ton of 5-star ratings on Goodreads. Two: I wanted to be one of those people. I really liked the premise. But in the end, there were just too many things that did not work for me.

As the story begins, Lady Eleanor is being forced to marry her father’s enemy to make peace. That means she must journey to the Welsh castle of Bryn Du to make a life, with nothing and no one familiar. The only things she knows about her betrothed, Brac Goch, are what she’s learned from her father: that he is ruthless and cunning and that she is to be his second wife. She doesn’t want to leave her English life or Gil, the man she had hoped to marry, but she is given no choice. [Read more…]

Review: Looking for Trouble by Victoria Dahl

looking for troubleReviewed by Janell

The events in this book follow close on the heels of Too Hot to Handle. While you don’t need to read THTH first (and I didn’t), it provides a lot of backstory for both main characters, and it’s a fun book, so you might as well.

Sophie is a good girl librarian who wears gorgeous 1950s-style dresses and red lipstick and silk stockings. Her mother, according to town gossip, was a dirty, dirty whore, and so Sophie has lived her live perfectly to avoid being compared to her. Jackson Hole is a small town, and Sophie doesn’t need any trouble in her life. [Read more…]

Review: Dance With the Devil by Angela Dennis

dance with the devilReviewed by Jen

I enjoy a good shifter PNR, but so often I find them ruined by an Alpha-hole hero or a blinding case of insta-love. I am happy to report that this story suffered from neither of these problems. It had two main characters who I actually liked, a romance I could get behind, and a decided lack of d/s themes in the bedroom or out of it.  Win. Win. Win. [Read more…]

Review: Too Hot to Handle by Victoria Dahl

too hot to handleReviewed by Janell

This is an older Victoria Dahl novel that I’ve had sitting on my windowsill, and I finally read it. It’s not quite as sexy/spicy as some of her more recent books, but it delivered a quirky heroine, a hot guy, a great best friend, and conflict! It’s set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, like many of her other books. There are apparently many eligible singles in Jackson just waiting to hook up with other singles, so you might want to swing through there if you’re on the prowl. [Read more…]

Series Reading Order: October Daye

This is the chronological reading order for the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire. The first four short stories listed are prequels to the main books. I would suggest reading them after Rosemary and Rue or even after A Local Habitation for maximum enjoyment, though you could read them first (or truly at any time) without any ill effects. Though “In Salt Tears” is also set chronologically before the first novel, it may contain spoilers for elements revealed in One Salt Sea, so I placed it after that novel in the list below. The same is true for “Heapes of Pearl,” which could spoil elements of The Winter Long.
seanan mcguire

*Denotes short story/novella

**”The Fixed Stars” is an ancient prequel, which is loosely tied to the series by one character. It takes place about 1500 years ago.

Series Reading Order: Immortal Guardians

dianne duvallThis is the reading order for the Immortal Guardians series by Dianne Duvall:

*Denotes short story/ novella

Review: Night Reigns by Dianne Duvall

night reignsReviewed by Jen

With every single installment I read, I love this series even more. This is Marcus and Ami’s story. And before I get too far, I have to address the big elephant in the room. A lot of readers took issue with the reveal of who/ what Ami really is. It is kind of out there. But I started this series with book 6, so I already knew what she was, long before she told Marcus. The reveal that turned off so many readers, wasn’t a thing for me. So yeah, it is kind of weird (and that says a lot, considering this is a vampire book.) If you can get past that, though, or maybe if you go into it spoiled, I really think you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did. [Read more…]

Review: Holding Strong by Lori Foster

holding strongReviewed by Shelly

I like Lori Foster’s older stories, but to be fair, I’ve not tried any of her more recent stories – shame on me. This is the 3rd book (there’s a prequel) in her ‘Ultimate’ series about a group of MMA fighters and the women in their lives. I’ve not read the two previous stories, but I didn’t feel lost, so I would say it’s fine as a standalone read.

Denver Lewis is very busy man. During the day, he’s an accountant by trade, but somewhere along the way he got into MMA fighting. He’s a recent addition the to the SBC lineup of fighters; he’s been training out of the gym that belongs to his friends Conner Colter (book 1) and Gage Ringer (book 0.5). Dear readers, I can’t help it but I’m an MMA fan and the geek in me comes out when I read these kinds of stories. [Read more…]

Review: Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York

hannah and the highlanderReviewed by Jen

I have to say I really liked the hero of this story. Alexander is a man of few words, but he is also smart, loyal, and passionate. He is outwardly scarred by years of childhood abuse and he has a stutter, so he would simply rather not talk if given the choice. You’d never know his struggles from looking at him: he is strapping and strong… and the first man our heroine has ever really been attracted to. [Read more…]

Review: Broken Play by Samantha Kane

broken playReviewed by Shelly

The first in Samantha Kane’s Birmingham Rebels series about a franchise NFL team, features a team roster that includes players with unsavory (addictions, anger management issues etc) pasts. This team represents the players’ last shot at being in the NFL. It’s their second year and they’ve just two big hires; they drafted RB, Danny Smith and hired a new assistant offensive coach, Marian Treadwell. Team Captain and center Cass Zielinski and TE Beau Perez are best friends and constant companions. Cass’s negotiations getting on the team included Beau and a front office position when he retires. [Read more…]