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broken playReviewed by Shelly

The first in Samantha Kane’s Birmingham Rebels series about a franchise NFL team, features a team roster that includes players with unsavory (addictions, anger management issues etc) pasts. This team represents the players’ last shot at being in the NFL. It’s their second year and they’ve just two big hires; they drafted RB, Danny Smith and hired a new assistant offensive coach, Marian Treadwell. Team Captain and center Cass Zielinski and TE Beau Perez are best friends and constant companions. Cass’s negotiations getting on the team included Beau and a front office position when he retires.

I’ve enjoyed the majority of Kane’s work in the past. I’m still a big fan of most of the stories in the ‘Brothers In Arms’ series, but this right here, this story pissed me off more than anything. It was like watching a train wreck; I could see it falling off the rails. This is a contemporary story set in the current atmosphere of the NFL, and it’s about a franchise team, so I expect a lot because I happen to be a fan of the game. I even have season tickets for our local team which is coincidentally a franchise team. So I understand, that sometimes, you can’t start out with the best roster while your team builds and proves itself. But goodness gracious – Danny Smith was a total as*hat and they should have just fined his non appreciative as* and moved on.

So here’s my beef – Marian’s the only female coach on her team and within 3 paltry weeks of meeting Cass and Beau, she’s having sex with them in her office at work. It’s not even the quickness that bothered me so much, it was that she’s in a coaching position having sex with her players. There’s something about that I don’t like. But the other part of Marian’s behavior that bothered me was that she’d watch a video (think YouTube) of Cass and Beau having sex with a random woman so she knows what the guys can do. What I got away from that was that she used it like an audition video to realize her fantasy threesome. She used her father to get a job with that particular team which ‘happened’ to have Cass and Beau. Going back to that video for a second – I never did understand the reason for that video being ‘leaked’.

There’s some ridiculous nonsense about Marian – that no one on the team she’s just been hired on to knows who her father is. The only problem with that is that Marian’s father is a well-known coach and he got her the job, so there’s no way that neither the head coach or any of the other players wouldn’t know who he is. Am I supposed to think that no one from the front office knew or said something about that? Then there’s the troubled past that she couldn’t divulge to neither Cass nor Beau. * Marian was almost raped in a football locker room while she was in college by a few of her boyfriend’s football buddies and Danny Smith was her rescuer. * Her anxiety was perfectly understandable because of that situation but then how can she say that she loves football but doesn’t like football players? How does that work exactly?

The coup de grâce was what happened in Chapter 27, which is about the 80% mark. WTF? Are you freaking kidding me with that mmmmmf scene? How exactly what that supposed to help her get over what happened to her? And Danny Smith’s explanation for his pseudo guilt – that’s the best rationale you could give? Marian was right, she was auditioning for porn.

There are a lot of sex scenes in this and very little sense. I can’t even comment on Beau and Cass because I didn’t give a rats butt about either of them by the end. Suffice it to say, I won’t continue with this series and I’m done with this author because unfortunately her last 3 or 4 stories have gotten consecutively worse for me.

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Broken Play
by Samantha Kane
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Love Swept – Penguin Random House


  1. Yep.

    I didn’t hate this one as much as you, and I am willing to try the next book in the series, in hopes that there will be improvement. But I agree with much of what you said. There was SOOOOO much potential for this story and it ended up being a whole lot of steamy sex scenes with no plot. I was pissed at Marian’s stupidity, especially as a woman who, like you, loves football. *sigh*

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