Review: Dance With the Devil by Angela Dennis

dance with the devilReviewed by Jen

I enjoy a good shifter PNR, but so often I find them ruined by an Alpha-hole hero or a blinding case of insta-love. I am happy to report that this story suffered from neither of these problems. It had two main characters who I actually liked, a romance I could get behind, and a decided lack of d/s themes in the bedroom or out of it.  Win. Win. Win.

One of the things that helped me buy in to the relationship, is the fact that our hero and heroine worked together for three years before the the book got started.  They’re both lion shifters, but Jillian is so good at hiding her nature, Carrick had no idea. Neither has ever acted on the attraction they feel for one another, until each gets called back to their respective Prides to do their duty. Before they go, they indulge in a little carnal pleasure… only to find out they were sleeping with the enemy.

Jillian and Carrick’s Prides have been at war for years. Now both Alphas need to be replaced. But it’s complicated by the prejudices toward half-bloods and a mysterious governing body that may have its own agenda.  Oh yeah, and they all have to get together for a sex-swap thing called a Claiming so they can find their mates.

Jillian is an interesting heroine. She is crazy-strong, which I love, but at the same time, she has no desire to use that to her own ends. She just wants to live her own life. She has honor, though, and a sense of duty to her Pack, so despite their awful treatment of her, she tries to protect them.

Carrick is sexy and enigmatic. The sexual tension between him and Jillian is great and the pull between them feels tangible. I loved how he was jealous and possessive and growly, without ever undermining her or making her feel less-than. The love scenes are hot. The conflict is interesting. And the pacing is good.

My only complaint would be that I felt like there was more build-up to a secret past for Carrick than the author delivered on; that there is more to his history than we got to see. But it didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment. The author does a good job setting up stories for the secondary characters and I would definitely give the next book a try.

Rating: B

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Dance With the Devil
by Angela Dennis
Release Date: September 22, 2015
Publisher: Samhain

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