Review: Escape to Heaven by Reana Malori

escape to heavenReviewed by Shelly

*Disclaimer – I bought this book years ago and never got around to reading. My PDF version has a 2010 date and was published by Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

This story has scenes of domestic violence between Adele and her husband Joey Bittner. If this is a trigger for you – this is your warning. After years of her husband’s verbal and physical abuse, Adele finds the mental clarity that if she stays she’s going to die and she’s not ready to die – not yet and certainly not by him.

Moving away to start over, Adele finds a new job and joins a local men’s gym to take boxing lessons for self defense. During her time at the gym, five men (Tyler, Ethan, Tony, Daniel and Noah) –all former military– befriend her and take on big brother roles. Stefano Indellicati, also former military, is new to the area and a new member at the gym. He thought he was joining an all male boxing gym but once he sees Adele working in the ring, he’s immediately smitten with not just her boxing style.

The romance between Adele and Stefano was a nice build, but the story line made it feel way too quick. Their time together was glossed over and didn’t endear me to their romance. Coming away from the story, I feel like I know more about Tyler-Ethan-Tony-Daniel-Noah than I did about Stefano. His back story was sparse to say the least. And there’s not a lot of story told about Adele passed before her last time with Joey, but I would have liked to know what in her past made her think that Joey would be a good choice in a mate.

For those of us readers who like dialogue, this could have been a more likable story if the dialogue was more often and consistent. I felt like I was being told a story that already happened.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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Escape to Heaven
by Reana Malori
Release Date: August 30, 2011
Publisher: Beautiful Trouble Publishing

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