Review: Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York

hannah and the highlanderReviewed by Jen

I have to say I really liked the hero of this story. Alexander is a man of few words, but he is also smart, loyal, and passionate. He is outwardly scarred by years of childhood abuse and he has a stutter, so he would simply rather not talk if given the choice. You’d never know his struggles from looking at him: he is strapping and strong… and the first man our heroine has ever really been attracted to.

Hannah has had her fair share of marriage proposals, but she is sure they are for all the wrong reasons. She thinks herself a far cry from the beauty of her sisters and she knows that her independence and intelligence aren’t exactly what men are looking for. Her dowry, on the other hand, makes a fine catch. It isn’t until she lays eyes on Alexander that she is willing to even consider tying herself to a man. But when he doesn’t respond to her innocent kiss, she fears he doesn’t return her feelings.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Alexander is crazy about Hannah. He wants nothing more than to please her. And when she accepts his proposal, he does his very best to honor her as his bride. But she doesn’t know why he won’t talk to her. She doesn’t understand why certain rooms are off-limits. And he doesn’t understand her need to be useful… to be his partner. It all comes down to a lack of communication, and the walls that must come down before that can begin to change.

Miscommunications –or a lack of communication– as a source of conflict is generally frustrating for me. But considering Alexander’s issues, I minded much less than I usually do. In fact, I quite liked the way Hannah goes out of her way to deal with it once she realized what was going on. I also really liked how deep down neither character really believed they were good enough for the other. Hannah thought no man would be attracted to her looks and Alexander was insecure about his stutter and his scars. It was never a pity party, but it gave them each real vulnerability. It made it all the more satisfying when they realized they were wrong.

For fans of history in their historicals, there is just enough here to please, but without overwhelming the story. Personally, I don’t want a history lesson in my romance, but I think Sabrina York found just the right balance in her conflict involving Alexander and the push for clearances by his Duke. The secondary characters are interesting too. Specifically, Hannah’s sister Lana who can see ghosts and the aforementioned Duke dealing with a family curse.

Overall, I enjoyed this one. There are kilts and just the right amount of brogue. The relationship development hits just the right angsty notes. The sexual tension is great. The love scenes are sexy. And the ending satisfies. Everything I want in a good Highland romance.

Rating: B

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Hannah and the Highlander
by Sabrina York
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks


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    I am so happy you enjoyed it!

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