Review: Looking for Trouble by Victoria Dahl

looking for troubleReviewed by Janell

The events in this book follow close on the heels of Too Hot to Handle. While you don’t need to read THTH first (and I didn’t), it provides a lot of backstory for both main characters, and it’s a fun book, so you might as well.

Sophie is a good girl librarian who wears gorgeous 1950s-style dresses and red lipstick and silk stockings. Her mother, according to town gossip, was a dirty, dirty whore, and so Sophie has lived her live perfectly to avoid being compared to her. Jackson Hole is a small town, and Sophie doesn’t need any trouble in her life.

Alex is the younger brother of the hero of THTH. He ran off when he turned eighteen and hasn’t been back since. But his brother called him in for a special favor, so Alex rolls into town on his motorcycle, with his shaved head and tattoos. Here’s the thing: Alex’s father ran off with Sophie’s mother all those years ago! Alex’s mother is kind of crazy and still not over it, and she calls Sophie a slut whenever she sees her. You can see how that might cause relationship problems.

Now, Sophie is prim on the outside, but she has serious desires on the inside. She has flings, but only with guys passing through town so there won’t be any relationship drama following her around. Alex is just her type, with his drifter attitude and his bike. They meet for drinks, they go for a ride, they do naughty things on the side of the highway at night.

Alex and Sophie manage to have a secret fling for the few days that he’s in town. Then drama happens, and it’s not so secret, and Alex’s mom is calling Sophie a harlot again, and everyone is mad, and it’s perfect. This book ramps up the emotion and drama and sex from the previous book.

I did have a quibble, though. Sophie’s not really repressed, she just acts prim and proper. She really, really likes sex. But she likes it on the anonymous, dirty-talking side, and it’s almost like she’s mentally giving in to the people who think she’s a slut just like her mother. Either she feels like one, or she wants to be treated like one? I had a hard time reconciling her mother issues with her desire to feel dirty. Or maybe I had trouble reconciling the author’s sex-positive persona with a character who almost used sex as a punishment. But maybe it was all fun and games and I’m thinking too hard about it.

Anyway. Librarian! Biker! That’s all you need to know!

Rating: B

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Looking For Trouble
by Victoria Dahl
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: HQN

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