Review: Shadows at Midnight by Amanda Bonilla

shadows at midnightReviewed by Jen

I feel so many things right now. Angry. Sad. Frustrated.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved this book. I fell back into the series like I never left. It moved so quickly and effortlessly, I blew through the pages. I fell in love with the characters all over again. And it all blew up at the 97% mark. Blew. Up. Hence …the feelings.

The beginning of the book drew me in right away. Darian is in the clutches of the evil Padma. She is being brutally tortured, both mentally and physically. Amanda Bonilla does a great job juxtaposing the horrors with Darian’s fond memories of Tyler. The flashbacks helped bring back how much I have longed for these two to have a happy ending. And it makes their reunion all the more sweet when it finally happens.

You know what else happens? That apology from Tyler I wanted so much in the last book. There’s nothing like abject torture to bring priorities into focus, and when these two reunite, all the petty stuff is put aside. Their love is undeniable. Which should have been a warning that it was all going to go to hell. That and the fact that Tyler is twitchy and weird. But I digress.

I loved rolling around in their proclamations of love and devotion. I loved being reminded of the great chemistry between Darian and Rafe –and with Asher. These characters have such life to them. Their relationships have so much feeling. And then there is Xander. He makes the ultimate sacrifice for Darian. His feelings for her are more profound than I’ve given him credit for. There’s so much happening with him and his relationship with Darian is so complex. It’s getting harder not to like him.

It’s all so engaging. The writing is so good! Then, BOOM. The ending. You’ll notice none of those emotions I listed at the beginning of this review were good ones. I know there has to be conflict to continue the series, but (*rattles cage*) … I can’t make coherent words to express how I feel. I’ll read the next book, absolutely, but I am to the point where I am needing a resolution, at least on the Ty and Darian front.. It’s not that I want the books to be over, but I also don’t want to feel this kind of frustration either.

So bottom line… I am glad I read the book. I still love these characters and this series and I do recommend it for fans of urban fantasy. But be prepared for a big cliffhanger and an array of emotions before you get to the last page.

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Shadows at Midnight
by Amanda Bonilla
Release Date: September 24, 2015


  1. I’ve gotten behind on this series. I need to pick it back up. I’ve really enjoyed it.

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