Review: Too Hot to Handle by Victoria Dahl

too hot to handleReviewed by Janell

This is an older Victoria Dahl novel that I’ve had sitting on my windowsill, and I finally read it. It’s not quite as sexy/spicy as some of her more recent books, but it delivered a quirky heroine, a hot guy, a great best friend, and conflict! It’s set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, like many of her other books. There are apparently many eligible singles in Jackson just waiting to hook up with other singles, so you might want to swing through there if you’re on the prowl.

Merry is a not-very-successful nice girl. She’s flitted from job to job, never really feeling accomplished. She has a bad track record with guys, because she is always in the friend zone. According to her, she likes Star Wars too much, she barely knows how to put on makeup, and she cracks jokes at inappropriate times. As the book opens, she has just landed her dream job — curator of a ghost town museum. Merry is determined to be awesome, even if the Historical Trust that hired her doesn’t care.

Shane is a construction worker, but he wears a cowboy hat, so Merry says he’s an automatic cowboy. He’s also slightly traumatized by his father’s disappearance when he was a child, and he’s angry at his grandfather for donating his inheritance to a stupid historical trust.

Merry is foldout-couch surfing in her friend’s apartment, and Shane happens to live next door, so she uses her enthusiastic wiles to get his help restoring the ghost town. Her friend tells Merry not to sleep with Shane, and you know how well that works. See, Merry hasn’t had a good orgasm in years, and the sight of Shane awakens her dormant lady parts. Shane has been told to stay away from Merry, but she’s just so adorable and fun.

The romance is big, but Merry’s job and the issues surrounding the ghost town are almost as big. She has to deal with some crazy old folks on the board of the Trust, along with a very snobbish cousin. Her self-esteem is in flux, because she’s never really been desired by a man or by an employer, and she desperately wants both. So her personal journey, fueled by so much determination, is really at the heart of the story.

There is a shower scene, too. If you think that might persuade you.

So this was a fun book, you don’t have to read it in any series order, and it will make you happy.

Rating: B

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Too Hot To Handle
by Victoria Dahl
Release Date: March 26, 2103
Publisher: HQN

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