Review: Taming the Fire by Mechele Armstrong

taming the fireReviewed by Shelly

I’m a fan of Mechele Armstrong’s ‘Settlers Mines’ series so I expected a similar level of character development and plot progression. I didn’t find that here. This series about dragons who need humans to ‘release’ their fire buildup held such promise. The least I expected was the amazing world building that Armstrong is capable of. That wasn’t disappointing, but for me, there was little to no chemistry between these three.

I wasn’t convinced that either Byron or Callum really thought Mira was a worthy or even compatible mate. They had a need, well it’s more like Byron had an immediate need and Callum would in the not-so-distant future, so they might as well get their human now so less to worry about down the line.

Nor was I sure how/when the dragons especially Byron or Callum came to be in that village. And there’s not a lot from either of the heroes’ pasts that gets addressed, only that Byron was not as ‘wild’ until Callum came into his life. I’m not sure wild is a term that I would have used, reckless maybe, or even impulsive. That whole m/m scene in the public road to ‘tease’ Mira was gratuitous and had nothing to do with either the plot or character. That’s about where the story lost me.

Surprisingly, I did like Mira because she actually questions Byron and Callum’s sudden interest in her. She had a past that set the tone for her actions as a member of the society she was part of, and even with all that she was the only character to show any growth at all. Byron and Callum – not so much. Hold on a second, I actually thought Callum was a douche. He was so concerned about Byron not spontaneously combusting, he was quite callous when dealing with Mira and what she was going through. There’s a scene when he found out that Mira wasn’t going to have sex with Byron the very first day they spoke with her. I would have kneed him in the balls.

Overall this was an okay read, but certainly not anything to entice me to continue reading this series.

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Rating: C

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Taming the Fire
by Mechele Armstrong
Release Date: November 2011
Publisher: Loose Id

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