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viperReviewed by Shelly

If you read and liked any of any of Kele Moon’s ‘Battered Hearts’ series there’s a strong chance you’re going to like this one. And that was the premise I went into this one with. I liked everything about that series, from the small town of Garnet to the MMA fighters out of the Cellar. My absolute favorite in that series was the 3rd book, Crossing the Line. Ah, the force was strong Wyatt and Tabitha.

This story’s H/h didn’t impress me as much as any of the three couples in the prior stories. I didn’t feel their connection at all. I didn’t feel as if I knew the heroine. That’s to say, I know she’s divorced and a school teacher but there was just something about her that didn’t dredge up a whole lot of feelings for me. Katie Foster the epitome of a ‘good girl,’ but in my eyes that’s not a bad thing because, for the most part, she was neither a push over nor condescending to those around her.

However, there was just something about her being so willing to accept all of Marcos’s gang member lifestyle that held me back from it making sense. It’s almost like she had no common sense. To say I was disappointed in Katie’s willingness to jump into bed with Marcos when he literally shows up at her door at ‘booty call hours,’ would be way understating my – NO! Don’t you do it Katie Foster, don’t you do it. But alas, she did. Her naivety really came out when she eagerly accepted Marcos’ nicknames for her ‘gringa’ – yeah, in my world there’s nothing endearing about that and I grew weary of it along with its companion ‘chica’. What grown woman thinks that’s cute? Just stop, alright, and use her name like you have some manners.

I thought Marcos was a complete as*hat and that feeling didn’t change at any point in this story. I like an antihero as much as the next person, but that antihero has to have a willingness to step up and do the right thing, not just for himself, but for those around him. I’m not saying make it a clean good and evil scenario, but there’s something to be said about choosing between bad and worse. And if you’re giving me an antihero, shouldn’t he have to at some point fight. I’m not talking physically, but for his girl? But I digress.

After visiting his cousin Chuito (you might remember him from a previous story) in Garnet, Marcos just wants to get out of the hick town and return to his beloved Miami where he can continue to his thug living and pseudo ‘baller’ lifestyle. This guy was straight out of a Reggaeton music video. The only thing he was missing was the gold grill. For me, this quote describes Marcos to a T – ‘the only think Marcos has every really cared about was finding the next bed to crawl into’. Had he not done exactly that to Katie, my thoughts on him might be considerably different. Unfortunately, I just never felt any willingness to fight for Katie and he never did. Speaking of which, Marcos wasn’t an MMA fighter. He’s a thief (cars mostly) and couldn’t keep a job after his incarceration.

For me, I liked the story line and the progression of Marcos and his gang dealings way more than I liked Marcos and Katie as a couple. Chuito was actually my favorite character and I’m curious to see how his story will turn out. As a matter of fact, I thought the interactions between Chuito and Marcos were much more interesting than any of the Katie/Marcos scenes.

The Moretti family was there and represented themselves very well. Jules (Star Crossed – Book 2) was awesome as usual and hasn’t changed. Moon’s writing was consistent and strong enough to save this story for me even though I didn’t like the H/h pairing.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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The Viper
by Kele Moon
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Publisher: Loose Id


  1. I’ve not tried this series, but I really loved her Eden books. I’ll have to try this series from the beginning.

    • Hi Melanie,

      Although I’m not a fan of her Eden series, I know it’s a popular series. I can say this – the guys (and gals) in her Battered series are…WOW!


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