Review: How Forever Feels by Laura Drewry

how forever feelsReviewed by Janell

This is a “friends first” series, and the previous book featured Officer Brett McHale who is still the greatest. He shows up in this book saying he’s the best thing that ever happened to his girlfriend Ellie, without even a hint of a smile, and I wanted to lick I mean love him all over again.

But this book is about Jack and a girl he calls Snip. You know the saying “Nice guys finish last”? Jack is a nice guy. He doesn’t finish last, by the way, he’s just a very nice guy, and I found him kind of boring.

Jack grew up in foster care until high school, when he was taken in by a very nice family. He’s grown up now, and rich, and he still feels so grateful to them that he hands out money whenever they need it, and he always chooses the family over his own needs. He had a tough childhood, but instead of turning into a rough, silent type, he’s become an anti-confrontational quiet type.

Four years ago, Jack met Maya at a party. Then his foster brother Will showed up, and Maya smiled at Will, and “[a] big goofy dude like [Jack] didn’t stand a chance, so I took my sorry self and my stupid piña colada back to the limbo pole.”

Maya married Will, and he cheated on her, and they divorced. Jack stood by Will, even though Will was a jerk, because of his family guilt feelings. When the story opens, Jack is in town on business and he sees Maya. They were always such great friends, and he called her Snip because she was so much smaller than him, so they start hanging out.

Maya is a decent character. She thought she had her life all sewn up, then her husband cheated, so she destroyed all of his stuff and left him. She runs a flower shop and hangs out with her friends and she doesn’t trust guys very much.

Friends first can be a great setup, but this book didn’t drag me in. Like, it was hard for me to think that Jack and Maya had been such great friends while she was dating/married to Will. And then Jack saw himself as big and goofy, while Maya didn’t see him as totally sexy because she was busy trying to separate him from her ex-husband. So I couldn’t see Jack as sexy.

It all worked out in the end, of course, and that was a bit more exciting than the majority of the book. I guess the romance felt too slow for me. But I did get to read about Officer Brett McHale, so that was cool.

Rating: C+

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How Forever Feels
by Laura Drewry
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: Loveswept

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