Review: Master of Tides by Jennifer Kohout

master of tidesReviewed by Janell

I enjoy a good lady-on-a-ship story. In this case, the lady is actually a pirate captain, and she’s rough and tough and fierce. She is also very aware of her nipples.

Lena’s father raised her on a ship. When she was raped at age ten, Daddy told her to get used to it, since “men would always want her for one thing and it was between her legs.” Lena’s not tortured or haunted by her past, though. She embraces it, as ships are all she’s ever known. She knows that, as captain, it’s her job to pay her men enough to keep them in booze and whores.

Kade is another pirate captain. He turned to piracy only after his brother died in the British navy, and that death makes Kade a sad, burdened man. Then he loses his ship in a storm and has to join Lena’s crew. Kade is enlightened enough to realize that he doesn’t need to go around protecting Lena.

This story also has an ambiguously evil owner of a whorehouse, and a totally evil British guy. Ambiguously evil guy gets his own sex scene, and totally evil guy gets several scenes of evilness. Their scenes made me feel like this book was less of a romance than an adventure, because its scope was so broad.

Let’s talk about Kade. He’s like the Jack Bauer of the sea, because one hour he’s nearly dead, and the next hour he’s so very virile. For example: he’s captured and tortured. After he’s rescued, he runs through the forest all night, and then has magical marathon sex. Later, he’s beat up again, and then he injures his hand, but he still manages to swim for an hour and make out with Lena at a time when they really should not have paused to kiss.

Speaking of the wrong time to do things, I think that when a noble old fisherman is covertly sailing you from one island to another to escape bad guys, you should respect him enough to not go belowdecks and have sex on his feather mattress. But that’s just me, and I’m not a pirate.

This story has a lot going on. The ship details were great. But there was a fight scene that dragged on way too long. I also felt like there were too many extra characters getting scene time. The narration felt sloppy to me because there was a lot of head hopping. Again, I like my romance books to be narrowly focused on two characters, so maybe this broader view works for some people. I will point out that Kade always makes Lena orgasm three times, and he’s totally a sap who says “I love you” way before she does. I will also point out that the word nipple was used twenty-eight times.

I liked parts of this book, but a lot of it was kind of over-the-top or unnecessary.

Rating: C

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Master of Tides
by  Jennifer Kohout
Release Date: August 17, 2015

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