Review: Price of Angels by Lauren Gilley

price of angelsReviewed by Carrie

I recently gushed about the epic and gritty MC book, Fearless. It was a doozy!! Even though I took a little time apart from Dartmoor, I was eager to get back into the series.  This book is about half the length of the first but provided plenty of time to spend with the Lean Dogs MC; and that is really the heart of this series.   The story is almost divided in half, with romance one part and the MC/suspense the other.   This is not a standalone book.

Holly Jessup is on a mission of vengeance and she specifically sought out the Lean Dogs MC because of their legendary ruthlessness.  Holly had scoped out the best candidate as she waited tables at their roadhouse saloon.  Her pick was the most unresponsive coldest reclusive Lean Dog, Michael McCall.  She would use the only currency at her disposal, her body, to achieve her ultimate freedom.

Michael couldn’t understand why a pretty girl like Holly would want anything to do with someone like him.  He certainly didn’t give her any indications that he was interested.  Yet, it is the fragility that reminds him of his abused mother that calls to him.  Michael finally teases Holly’s intent out of her and he feels compelled to help her, even as it adds to his body count.

They discover that their connection is more than just a simple deal.  Holly sees through Michael’s emptiness and brings him a measure of family as Michael seeks to eradicate those who have hurt Holly in the most violent base ways.  Life is never a smooth path for these two as their plans are tied up in MC business.  Michael has to decide just what he is willing to give for a club that he has largely felt apart from for a woman he is not entirely sure that is all in with him.

On the downside, Holly and Michael’s relationship is a bit of a drawn out affair.  While they are well suited to each other, it is hard to connect with Michael because he is so aloof.  Don’t go looking for Michael to warm up, because he doesn’t. Holly brings the warmth and peace to the relationship and that’s why it works.

I truly felt for what Holly had to go through.  There are a few scenes which may be triggers for some but most of what she goes through is in small snippets.  I love that she manages to retain a sweet sensibility that manages to come through.  By the end, it is certainly apparent the holes she plugs in Michael.

You spend 800 pages with a couple and become invested in the characters. I loved that we got to spend a portion of time with Ava and Mercy to see their relationship progressing.  The author slowly sets up future storylines with Aiden and Tango, among others.

To be honest, the book is bloated.  An editor would have a field day red lining passages.  However, that doesn’t negate the immersive world building and developed characters.  The Lean Dogs family is the heart that the story keeps coming back to and that’s what draws me in despite any misgivings I might have. I believe that the series will grow stronger as the story moves along.  I, for one, am eager to take the ride.

Rating:  C+/B-

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Price of Angels
by Lauren Gilley
Release Date: March 23, 2015
Publisher: HP Press

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