Review: Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh

rock redemptionReviewed by Carrie

I get so frustrated when a series is hit or miss for me because it just leaves me confused. Did I miss something? Was I just in a weird mood?  I haven’t come to an exact conclusion yet.  The first book in the series, Rock Addiction, was disappointing for me. However, I really loved the second, Rock Hard. When I got this book, I was so hopeful. Unfortunately, the story was a bit of a let down for me.

Even though her famous parents could have opened doors for her, Kit Devigny chose to struggle her way through the business like anyone else.  It was during her lean waitressing days that she met the fledgling band, Schoolboy Choir, and became fast friends. Today, the boys of Schoolboy Choir are international rock stars and Kit is well on her way to a major Hollywood breakthrough.   In that time, Kit and guitarist Noah St. John have become very close – their friendship taking on a new intimacy.  Kit knows all about Noah’s manwhore tendencies but is all in and wants to take that final step towards having a romantic relationship with her best friend.

Noah loves Kit with his whole heart but won’t let Kit be damaged by his own demons.  He orchestrates a scene (yes, it’s probably what you are thinking) to ensure that Kit won’t ever want that kind of relationship with him.  He’s so successful that they don’t speak for two years.  Two long years that Noah’s been mourning the loss of Kit.  He finally reaches out when he’s hit rock bottom in a dingy crack motel on the verge of making some seriously bad decisions.  No matter the heartbreak that Noah caused her, Kit loves him too much to let him cause himself harm.

Noah wants desperately for Kit to forgive him enough to allow him back in her life even though he knows he doesn’t deserve it.  Kit desperately wants to let Noah back in but her heart can’t forget the damage that he caused.  A confluence of events has them suddenly faking a romance for the tabloids.  While Noah sees this as a way to atone for his misdeeds, faking it is slowly killing Kit’s heart.  It’s only when Noah is finally convinced to let Kit in on his secrets that their path to healing can begin.

I love a good unrequited love story. The longing from both sides is palpable and touching.  Kit is completely sympathetic in loving and giving her all to a troubled man but she stops just shy of being a doormat. After their reconnection, she is very upfront about what she can and cannot give to him. On the other hand, Noah is such a ball of self-loathing that even knowing his secrets can’t excuse his terrible behavior.  They were sad and shocking but he couldn’t trust Kit enough till the last quarter of the book.

Now, that brings me to the issues that I had with the story.  For the majority of the book, Kit is heartbroken and Noah is tormented.  We are told this about every other page.  Then there is the fake relationship which I loathe as a way to bring a couple together – especially a couple with so many issues.  Then to throw in a stalker sub-plot for conflict was totally unnecessary.  I would have loved to see Noah’s issues addressed earlier and watched the couple navigate that.  The book basically ends when Noah comes clean. I just didn’t buy the HEA.

I will continue to try to read this series and hope for the best because Singh is one of my favorite paranormal romance authors.

Rating: C

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Rock Redemption
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: October 6, 2015


  1. Great review. While I ended up loving the title because I loved Kit and Noah so much, I see your points and agree with many. I too wish that Noah had been honest earlier and we got more of the couple dealing with it after – he is in need a major help. But overall, I still enjoyed the story enough to get past the frustrating parts.

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