Review: Roll Against Discovery by Allyson Lindt

roll against discoveryReviewed by Shelly

I didn’t read the first 2 stories in the series but I didn’t feel as if I missed out on anything either. This is short read about ‘shy’ Kathryn letting her inner vixen out during an anime convention. Her intended targets are Evan and Trevor – two guys she meets during some kind of role playing game (sorry folks, I’m not a gamer and that stuff just passes over my head). The road to their first sexual encounter is quick – a couple of hours at the most so there’s not a lot of character development (of anyone) before the sex starts. And might I add, some of the activities during that initial encounter are highly suspect of someone who’s ‘shy’.

I’m not sure how the other stories went or how those plot lines developed but in this story the development of this relationship felt way off and didn’t really make sense. I say that because Evan and Trevor never wanted a relationship with a 3rd. They weren’t even interested in Kathryn except that she was easy and willing. Somewhere along the line, Kathryn had a light bulb moment – the guys were sexually attracted to each other. I don’t even know where she got that… except… in one of the previous books, there’s a Jackson who is her brother/friend and he’s in a ménage relationship. That gets mentioned a little too often for me not to question it. Isn’t it a small world to these two siblings/friends end up in m/m/f relationships? Hey, whatever floats your boat, but if it doesn’t make sense in the plot then being told ‘it is the way it is’ isn’t gonna cut it.

There was no sexual tension or even attraction between Trevor and Evan that I found believable including when they decided they were in-love with each other BUT not Kathryn. I didn’t even find the chemistry between the guys and Kathryn to be all that believable either. I didn’t think there was anything there at all. Now there were a few sex scenes, but I skimmed over all of them because they felt rote.

It would have been nice to read something about the guys that would help me tell them apart. They seemed interchangeable for the majority of the story, especially knowing that Kathryn didn’t want to spend time with them individually.

There’s nothing about this story that would inspire me to go back and read the first 2. Nothing.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

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Roll Against Discovery
by Allyson Lindt
Release Date: August 21, 2015
Publisher: Acelette Press

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