Review: Secret Pleasure by Lora Leigh

secret pleasureReviewed by Jaimie

Get the fan out before reading this one because it is HOT!  It’s also sad and funny – but mostly hot. After a four year gap between books, Lora Leigh is back to her Bound Hearts series with Secret Pleasure and it was worth the wait!  In other books we have seen glimpses of Alyssa Hampstead in The Club and there were references to what may have broken her or hurt her so badly, and now we have the full story.

At the age of eighteen, Alyssa Hampstead is quietly setting herself up to break free of her political family and have a life of her own. At a party one night, a chance encounter with cousins Shane Connor and Sebastian De Loren results in a passionate kiss that marks them all. Knowing their “siren” is too young and under her mother’s thumb, the cousins wait for Alyssa to travel to Spain on a summer vacation.  They spend five months planning their seduction of the woman they cannot forget.  Once they have her alone, they pull out all the stops to get her to explore the passionate woman she is.

After weeks spending every moment with Alyssa making plans for the future, a blackmailer threatens to send pictures of her naked between the two men to the press unless they not only cut off all contact with her, but also pay monthly sums of money into a trust account.  Their families insist that they follow the demands and take steps to ensure the men cannot leave and go to her. That sets off six years of separation that just about kills all three of them. The men work tirelessly to eliminate the threat to Alyssa while she goes on to marry her friend so they can be each other’s “shield”.  Just as they figure out who the blackmailer is and eliminate him, someone tries to kill Alyssa.

In order for the three of them to finally have their happiness, they have to figure out who has it out so badly for Alyssa, and how to piece her back together after all she has been through.  What results is a story that alternates between seriously hot sex scenes, some really sad scenes where you can almost feel Alyssa’s pain, and some funny moments as well.

One of the things I did not like however, and this happens a lot in books, is the whole virgin having mind blowing orgasms thing. This virgin also handled two men at the same time and had mind blowing sex. Just once, I would like a realistic virginity losing scene.  This did not affect my overall enjoyment of the book though.

Another thing that can be annoying if not executed properly is the whole I must leave her to protect her thing.  This wasn’t a case where the men intended to never see the woman again but fate throws them back together. These guys knew they would be with Alyssa in the end, they just needed to clean up the garbage first.  Because of this, I was able to get past the whole protection routine.

I love this series; it was one of my favorites of Lora Leigh so I really hope she’s going to continue with it especially since I’m dying to read the story of Alyssa’s best friend Summer. We got a teaser of who she will be with and I suspect it will be another kick ass book.

Overall this was one of my favorite books in the series.  It was a long time coming and Alyssa, Shane and Sebastian were all loveable characters. You could feel for all three of them throughout the book and I love a story that evokes emotion.  Fingers crossed we don’t have to wait so long for the next installment!

Rating: B+

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Secret Pleasure
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: August 18, 2015

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