Review: Shiver by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott

shiverReviewed by Jen

I’ve read plenty of books by Jocelynn Drake and I’ve got to tell you, she is showing a side here that I have never seen before. Shiver is a m/m romantic suspense, and it is super sexy. The story centers on Lucas, an alpha self-made millionaire and his pseudo-family of damaged, yet, engaging friends, as they take on a threat to Lucas’s life.  The solution starts with a bodyguard. A sexy, captivating, Romanian bodyguard who Lucas can’t stop fantasizing about.  The only problem is, Andrei is straight. Or is he?

Well, obviously not. Or at least not entirely. And before you start thinking this is a gay-for-you story, it’s not really. Both our heroes are actually bisexual. It’s just that Andrei never realized just how hot a man could make him until he met Lucas.

So let’s talk about these characters. Lucas is controlling, manipulative, and dominating in both his personal and professional lives. He sleeps with men, but only dates women, and even they never get past the facade he shows the world. He only shows his true self to his closest friends, Snow, Ian, and Rowe. Snow is the highly fucked up best friend who he grew up with. He is a doctor and former military man, and he is gay. Rowe, the straight dude in the group, served with Lucas and Snow. He is married and runs a security firm. And Ian is the young, sweet gay man who the group adopted after their service. He runs a restaurant. To Lucas, these are the only men who will ever matter.

Somehow, though, Andrei gets under his skin. The former fighter has the same humble roots and some of the same fire Lucas has. Andrei is strong and used to dominating as well. You’d think they would clash, but it’s really lust at first sight. They really shouldn’t be together, with Lucas’ rules and Andrei’s job as his bodyguard, but that just serves to beef up the sexual tension between them.

I like that both of our heroes are strong and yet, still vulnerable. And I like that being together only serves to fill voids they both have, rather than making one man have to bend. I really appreciate that with all the talk about dominating, this is not a BDSM book. And neither man is really more in control than the other, they just carry their power over each other in different ways.

I thought Drake and Rinda Elliott did a good job putting me in the headspace of these damaged men. I believed in their emotional ties and in the growing romance between Lucas and Andrei.  The sex is hot. The pacing is good. And I liked the overall story. The ending is HFN, rather than a HEA, and while that is probably more believable for these characters, I do kind of wish they would have been willing to go a little further than they ultimately did.

Either way, I would recommend for fans of m/m romantic suspense. I am curious to see what the authors have in store for the next installment.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by authors

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by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott
Release Date: October 27, 2015


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