Review: Talking Dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

talking dirty with the ceoReviewed by Shelly

Christie St. John is a computer geek who happens to write about computers. She’s the typical socially awkward, jeans-T-shirt-Doc Martens kind of gal. The research for her upcoming article on online dating leads her to a chat room where she meets Studman500. I’m not sure what happened to the original Studman500 but when Joseph Ashton, billionaire CEO of Ashton Tech, takes over the role, the couple is soon out to dinner and sexing it up on his bathroom counter.

I don’t mind a bit of texting/sexting between two characters, but what I do mind are the craptastic ‘hook-up’ story lines that pass for romance story lines. ‘Naughtygirl125’ Christie is a forgettable heroine. There’s nothing about her that stands out or even makes her interesting. She’s got a family that doesn’t like her and she pretty much blames her woes on that. She’s got a best friend who’s clearly tried to help her spruce herself up, but she’s resistant because she doesn’t want to change. How is putting on a dress and some shoes that are not Doc Martens going to fundamentally change you? You’re b*tching about being skinny, but then when the answer is getting up from the chair and computer screen you’re glued to – how is being basically fit going to fundamentally change you?

Then there was the whole thing about her socialite family and the way they treat her – no. Just no. Give me something else that’s not so easy and trite. How about a family that’s supportive and provides unconditional love? It’s still possible to be a computer geek with social ineptness with a solid family background.

Then there’s Joseph. This dude and his ADHD. You can’t even remember to check your reminders about what you’re supposed to be doing. How do you keep your job as a CEO? The way he treated Christie was about as unromantic as I’ve read in a hero/heroine dynamic in a long while. There’s a 2008 song by Kate Perry ‘Hot n Cold’ that completely describes Joseph.

I don’t think his ADHD had anything to do with Christie and why he didn’t want a relationship. Most people with ADHD are in relationships – ALL. THE. TIME. Most people with ADHD aren’t relationship pariahs who can’t make decisions and function – that was just Joseph who couldn’t decide what he wanted to do. The part that really put me over the edge with him was when he met Christie’s mother and told her that he prefers Christie in nothing at all. Rude.

There’s a lot about this story that I wanted to like and it just didn’t work out. Yes, there’s lot of sex but not a lot of substance.

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Rating: D

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Talking Dirty with the CEO
by Jackie Ashenden
Release Date: May 13, 2013
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

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