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closer you comeReviewed by Shelly

This is my first story by this author and while I thought this was a good read there are a couple things that threw me off. I don’t like from this or any story – sisters (or brothers) who have sex with the same man (woman) and any character(s) who uses an excessive amount of snark.

The first story in Gena Showalter’s ‘The Original Heartbreakers’ series introduces three friends who recently moved to Strawberry Valley, Oklahoma. Jase Hollister has been out of prison for 6 months after doing a 9-year sentence. I was surprised how relatively easy it was for Jase to adapt to life on the outside. Considering the timeline (Jase was 19 when he went behind bars) I expected him to have more of a routine suggestive of spending those formative years locked away, but then again, he did stay close to home a lot so maybe that’s good enough.

Jase is lucky in that when he was released from prison, Beck and West were waiting for him and they’d also made him a business partner with all the perks, but not the work, so he didn’t have to worry about money or where he would be sleeping. By the time the trio moved to Strawberry Valley, they’re all millionaires, but you couldn’t tell because the guys have moved into a ramshackle house; it’s Jase’s job to make the structural fixes while Beck and West are running the business.

During a part at the Jase/Beck/West home, Brook Lynn Dillon comes looking for her older sister, Jessie Kay. Jessie Kay has a habit of finding where the party’s at and sleeping with some random man – supposedly looking for love. Anywho, Brook Lynn going to Jase’s room and finds her sister in Jase’s bed and yes, Jase is in the room putting his shirt back on. Somewhere during that time, Brook Lynn becomes taken with Jase’s tattoos and overall manliness. I know I have some issues in stories but there is no story teller who can ever convince me that this is a good basis for a plot, and had I know that going in, I might not have made the leap.

Brook Lynn’s fascination continues, knowing that Jase recently slept with her sister. Even when she brought it up while they were having sex about being compared – there is no way on God’s green earth that Jase wasn’t mentally comparing them. Even if he chose Brook Lynn, he had to have compared. But I digress.

Brook Lynn had a very strong personality, almost unbearably strong for this reader. She had a temper, which was fine. She had a violent streak, which was fine. She had a loving sister in Jessie Kay and a good best friend Kenna, which were fine. But what wasn’t fine for me was the ridiculous amount of snark coming out of her mouth. There were moments I really wanted her to just shut up. I know she’s supposed to really smart, but if she were so smart she would have figured out a way to earn money and not have to work 3 jobs while running behind her sister and her wild nights.

I wanted to enjoy the romance and the chemistry between Jase and Brook Lynn, but my good intentions were constantly interrupted by the fact that Jase slept with Brook Lynn’s sister. I just couldn’t get past that.

West and Beck were so messed up. They each have their vices but nothing really impressed me about either of them. They were either angry and/or flirting all the time, and interestingly, they spent a lot of time together and I was hoping to get to know their demons more, but not this go around.

The friendship between the three guys was a little off putting. Maybe it was the circumstances under which Jase went to jail that explained their unusually affectionate (for guys) camaraderie. I don’t know but I wish I did.

I’ll leave you with this – there was a lot of sex between Jase and Brook Lynn once they decided to do that but again the ick factor because of the sister thing.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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The Closer You Come
by Gena Showalter
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: HQN

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