Review: Their Secretary by TL Reeve

Their SecretaryReviewed by Shelly

Secretary to business partners, Colton Shaw and Tyce Stewart, Piper Collins has had a crush on both of her bosses for months. Colton and Tyce, together for 10 years, have been looking for a third for a while. They’ve already been ‘rejected’ by one woman. (I never did find out what happened there.) One day Piper walks into the partners shared office space to find the two kissing and she promptly walks out and tenders her resignation. How will Colton and Tyce win Piper back is the big question.

It took me a bit to put my thoughts together to write this review, because the only thing that seemed flushed out in the plot was the sex and even that was kind of haphazard. I wasn’t even sure why the BDSM part was necessary, seemed it was thrown in there because it’s trendy right now and didn’t have a purpose to the dynamics between either Colton and Tyce or Colton, Tyce and Piper. Then there’s the ease with which Piper just accepted Colton mandating that she call him ‘Sir’. Why was that necessary? They’d never addressed that element with Piper, not before, during or after.

I didn’t get the reasons for the feelings and motives of each character – they would come up but were not addressed, which was really frustrating because I wanted to read a plot line outside of the sex. I didn’t see Piper transition from ‘not being worthy’ to being self confident and knowing that she deserves the right to pursue love and happiness.

This story seemed geared more as an m/m than the intended m/m/f as the m/m couldn’t keep their hands off each other and when they had a chance with Piper they still didn’t. And for the life of me, I never understood the sense of making out in from of Piper, not once but twice without knowing which way the wind blows with her.

Colton, Tyce’s Dom, seem to be the decision maker for both guys. I didn’t get the vibe of cohesiveness in their decision that Piper was who they wanted. By the time I got the feeling that Tyce was remotely interested in Piper, it was too late for this reader.

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Rating: D

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Their Secretary
by TL Reeve
Release Date: February 18, 2015
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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