Review: Beast: The Untold Legend by Shoshanna Evers

beastReviewed by Jen

This is an interesting twist on Beauty and the Beast. It’s got some engaging moments and a sexy hero. But it also straddled some lines with consent and a little pseudo-bestiality that kept it from being a total win for me.

The premise here is that the same evil queen who made the Beast of fairy tales did the same thing to another man first.  And it isn’t even the worst thing she did to him. Victor is the queen’s stable boy. For years, she has forced him to be her unwilling sex partner. He hates her with everything in him, but he’s powerless to the strength of her position and magic.

As the story begins, the queen’s stepson is about to marry and she wants the princess out of the picture. At first, she plans to just kill Justine, but Victor has a soft spot for the princess and gets in the way. That’s when the queen turns him into something more animal than man. She forces him to kidnap Justine from the wedding, which he does, but he still won’t kill her. So as a compromise, she allows him to just ruin her instead.

So here is the thing. The queen is trying to break Victor by essentially making him force himself on Justine as many times as it takes to get her pregnant. Oh, and he is still a giant lion-beast man with fur, whiskers, and a tail. Justine is turned on by Victor, but it’s either sleep with him or die. Not much of a choice there. And did I mention that he is still furry and fangy and 10 feet tall? I appreciate that Victor is conflicted and that Justine isn’t totally opposed to sleeping with him, but I’m uncomfortable with the idea that she really had no choice in the matter.

It is sexy at times and it is entertaining. The read is pretty short, but the story didn’t suffer for its length.  If you don’t think the consent question (or the fur) would bother you, you may want to give it a try.

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Beast: The Untold Legend
by Shoshanna Evers
Release Date: October 1, 2015
Publisher: ARe

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