Review: Finding Her Rhythm by Dani Wade

finding her rhythmReviewed by Jaimie

Finding Her Rhythm is the first book in the Backstage Pass series by new to me author Dani Wade. I like the whole ex is stalking me while I’m moving on plot so when I read the description, I figured I would give it a shot. I didn’t realize that the book has been out for over two years and that three more books in the series have already been released, but I’m definitely hooked after this one!  This story revolves around sexy rocker Michael and his new nanny Taylor and has all the elements I love in a book.

After her parents died, Taylor was drifting and vulnerable.  She takes a chance and heads to a BDSM club to explore her hidden fantasies, but meets a Dom that is abusive and controlling.  When Taylor finally gathers her strength to leave Bradley, her good friend Stephen suggests she take a job as a nanny for rock star Michael Korvello to hide out for a while.  Stephen, Taylor’s good friend since childhood, is Michael’s lawyer so he is able to connect her with the job.  Although she loves kids, she hesitates to expose anyone else to the ex that refuses to let her go. When Stephen arranges for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s to be hidden under an assumed name, Taylor figures why not take the job and enjoy the break.

Michael Korvello has his dream career as the guitar player in a band he and his brother formed.  His wife died a few years earlier leaving him with their two children and a major distrust for women.  When he first spots his new nanny, Michael’s sleeping libido comes roaring to life, and so does his dominant instincts.  Determined to never make the mistake of letting that side of himself out again, he does everything he can to avoid being alone with the sexy nanny.  His wife blamed his sexual needs for her numerous exploits with other men and eventually that cost her her life.

For the first few weeks that Taylor is taking care of the kids, Michael is on tour with his band.  Safe behind the walls of the super secure estate, she finally starts to breathe a little.  She bonds with Michael’s kids and realizes quickly that they miss their dad a lot more than they let on.  Even once he’s home, he keeps his rock star hours and Taylor, angry on their behalf, rips Michael a new one. During that exchange, she sees that he really does love his kids; he just isn’t sure what to do with them now that his wife is gone.  Once that exchange is over, the dynamics between them change and the heat starts to take over.

The past refuses to let them both go and Taylor’s determination to keep her ex a secret riles up Michael’s mistrust of women.  He sets up a “test” for her, throwing a pool party with plenty of available, sexy men to see how she reacts. Once she passes the test, the two finally give in to the passion that’s been building up and that results in some steamy, hot sex.  When things seem to finally be on track between them, someone sets up a situation to make it look like Taylor is having an affair with Michael’s brother.

This isn’t an overly long book but it was plenty of time to get invested in the characters and to really root for them.  I loved both Michael and Taylor and immediately bought the second book in the series to read.  The plot with who set up Michael’s brother and Taylor continues into the next book and I’m starting that one right away.  Overall this was a fast, fun read and Ms. Wade has a new fan!

Rating: B

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Finding Her Rhythm
by Dani Worth
Release Date: April 25, 2013

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