Review: Irresistible Deceptions by Mackenzie Crowne

irresistable deceptionsReviewed by Jaimie

I love a good romantic suspense story with an awesome heroine and an alpha man, and Irresistible Deceptions by Mackenzie Crowne fit the bill perfectly.  The book was very fast paced but not rushed, had plenty of suspense and some steamy chemistry.  I read it in one sitting because once I started, I couldn’t stop reading it.  The hero of the story starts off a bit of a jackass, but it doesn’t take long to redeem him.  I haven’t read any of Ms. Crowne’s work before, but I definitely won’t hesitate to try her again.

Nicky Guimond has been on the run with her son Alex for the last five years.  She barely escaped her abusive husband alive, and she has somehow managed to stay just out of his reach, moving from location to location.  She finally slips up, drawn out by her father’s death, and she has to accept that the time for running has come to an end. If she ever wants a life for herself and her son, she needs to take her ex-husband down once and for all.

Rhy MacLean owes Johnathan Everson for saving his life in combat.  When the man calls in his marker asking MacLean to help track down his ex-wife who embezzled millions of dollars and took off, old wounds cloud his judgment and he doesn’t take the time to properly investigate the accusation made against the young woman.  After tracking her at her father’s funeral, Rhy ends up leading Nicky’s ex right to her, putting both her and her son’s life in danger.

Shortly after tracking Nicky down, shit hits the fan and Rhy discovers that Everson was actually behind his older brother’s death years earlier.  He knows that Nicky is the key to tracking the man down, but he’s still not sure of her innocence.  Once he spends time with her, he realizes that the accusations were not true and that he unwittingly lead a monster right to the woman and child he’s falling in love with.  Determined to make sure they both stay safe, MacLean keeps the truth of how her ex found her from Nicky.  Naturally that blows up in his face like all of these plots do, but I liked that it wasn’t this long drawn out issue.  He was a dick and he owned it instead of pretending he knows better because he’s the big bad man.

While trying to lure Emerson out of hiding, things heat up with Rhy and Nicky and we get some steamy scenes as well as some really sweet ones.  As someone who really likes a strong heroine, I was rooting for Nicky who had been doing everything in her power to protect her son from the abusive criminal that fathered him.  Rhy starts off as an asshole because he does work with the ex to track her down, but he is redeemed relatively quickly once he realizes he was played. His interaction with her son was also really adorable, so it’s not long before you are rooting for the couple to make it.

Overall I really enjoyed this story.  It was fast paced, had a great plot, relatable characters and a satisfying ending that didn’t feel rushed.  I’m hoping this is going to be a series with some of the men that were on Rhy’s team getting their own book.

Rating: B+

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Irresistible Deceptions
by Mackenzie Crowne
Release Date: November 9, 2015
Publisher: Entangled


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