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its only loveReviewed by Shelly

With the 5th book in the series, I’m still not disappointed in Marie Force’s writing. There’s still a freshness and fun. Ella Abbott’s been in love with Gavin Guthrie for forever. If you’ve read any of the prior stories, there were a few moments of Ella’s longing for Gavin that are pretty powerful. As one of the ten Abbott kids, Ella’s privy to her some of her siblings getting their HEAs and she’ll admit to wanting that for herself.

Gavin’s history with the Abbott family goes back a long way. His older brother was married to one of the Abbott girls (book 2), Hannah. But since his brother was killed overseas during the war, Gavin’s been spiraling, getting into fights, drinking to excess. even a run-in with the law — things he didn’t do when his brother was alive. After a particularly explosive kiss that happened during Hannah’s wedding, Gavin tells Ella that he can’t be what she wants him to be. So it’s a surprise to Ella when she gets a mysterious phone call from a guy at a bar saying that someone’s listed her as their ICE (in case of emergency) – low and behold, it’s Gavin. Taking him home to patch him up, Ella and Gavin start something..

This is a really good story with moments of ‘you go girl’ to ‘oh no, you didn’t’ and I enjoyed every single one of them. Although this is Ella and Gavin’s story, there are lots of secondary characters – namely the Abbott family with Ella’s siblings, their significant others, and of course, a few townspeople thrown in for hilarity.

I really liked Ella. When we met her a few stories back, she always had a thing for Gavin. That never changed, but to her credit, she’s didn’t allow her feelings to make herself doormat for Gavin. I really liked that when she had moments of hard decisions/choices, she went back to her family for guidance. Even with that, if the Abbott clan offered unsolicited advice, she wasn’t one to just bow down and take it. She definitely had her own voice in the family.

Gavin. What can I say other than he’s… troubled. There were times when his goodness would be so awesome and then wham! He’s doing something that makes you want to scream – ‘why are you doing that?’ I enjoyed the back and forth dynamics between him and Ella. There are plenty of sex scenes that frankly surprised me because of how quickly these two moved from there’s nothing between us to let’s get physical. Even with that, I was quite pleased with the way this story played out. It was by no means a perfect romance, but what this reader enjoyed was the ‘mostly’ true story (just kidding – but the character and plot development felt quite lovely and believable).

Overall, this installment made me remember why I so enjoy my time with the Abbotts. I’m really looking forward to the next book(s) in this series.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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It’s Only Love
by Marie Force
Release Date: November 3, 2015
Publisher: Penguin Random

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