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loving liesReviewed by Jaimie

Loving Lies was the first book in Lora Leigh’s Men of Summer series and was released in 2006.  The second book of the series, which I will be reviewing in a separate post came out in September 2015 and although I had read Loving Lies several years ago, I decided to do a quick re-read given the gap in time.  Slade and Jessie’s story has mystery, hot sex, a secret child and was the start of a great series. I’m glad Ms. Leigh decided to pick it back up.

Slade Colter was in and out of foster care as a child and has convinced himself that settling down just isn’t for him. Despite his desire for freedom, Slade knows he’s fighting a losing battle to stay away from Jessie – the woman that tempts him like no other. He tells himself he’s too old for her, she wouldn’t be able to handle his sexual needs and comes up with every excuse for why it’s a bad idea to touch her.

Jessie Benton has loved Slade since she was a teenager. Despite her attempts to tempt and seduce him, he’s never given in to the hunger she can see in his eyes. After celebrating her 21st birthday she decides enough is enough and sets out to seduce him.  They spend a weekend having incredible sex (with the frustrating virgin that has multiple orgasms plot) and both Jessie and Slade believe this is the beginning of their life together.

That happiness is short-lived when Slade’s former FBI partner Amy Jennings shows up and informs him that the undercover operation they had started months ago was now back on and that meant keeping up the cover that they were a couple.  Slade is determined to back out of the mission but knows deep down that doing so puts everyone he loves at risk – particularly Jessie. He’s left with no option but to break Jessie’s heart and complete the operation. He’s not leaving with the thought of never seeing her again; he intends to come back for her when all is said and done.

Flash forward five years and Slade has returned to town to reclaim his girl. Losing Slade the first time almost destroyed Jessie, so she is determined to not let him back in.  Fighting a losing battle to resist him, Jessie slowly starts letting her guard down. Meanwhile Slade is keeping the son he had with Amy a secret.

There wasn’t a whole lot in terms of action in this story because Slade’s mission is left out. We find out bits and pieces of it when he returns to town, but there is no interim story. The book simply jumps ahead. There is some smoking hot sex as is typical of a Lora Leigh book and the hero and heroine were both enjoyable characters. Overall this was a great book.

Rating: B

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Loving Lies
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: June 1, 2006
Publisher: Samhain

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