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I was pleasantly taken by surprise by the first book in this series, Pucked, when it turned out to be sweet and raunchy at the same time.  I was hoping the author would tone down the coarseness just a titch to not be so much of a distraction to the story.

Miller “Buck” Butterson is finding out that overcoming your playboy reputation is no easy feat.  His pursuit of Sunny Waters started as a way to get back at her brother, teammate Alex Waters, for hooking up with Buck’s sister, Violet. Very quickly, Buck realized that Sunny was someone special, a woman he actually wanted to talk to and spend time with.  Buck is determined to show Sunny he can be a one-woman man… if she’d only give him the chance.

The universe likes to laugh at Buck because every time he turns around he finds himself in questionable situations that he fumbles to explain to Sunny.  Poor Buck has a time of it because he isn’t very good with words due to his dyslexia. Technology, his sister and his personal assistant are usually around to help him navigate his life and responsibilities but they’re all on vacation, leaving Buck fumbling from one mishap to the next.  He’s got one shot to meet up with Sunny to prove to her he’s real (and getting her in the sack wouldn’t be a bad start either).

Sunny has been sheltered by her parents and her brother for all of her life.  She never had to deal with the not so savory side of her brother’s fame.  Sunny doesn’t understand how Buck keeps getting caught in these situations and is leery about trusting him.  Even though Buck proves himself time and time again, Sunny won’t even give him a little bit of faith.  Between this and her rather ridiculous naiveté, Sunny began to grate on my nerves rather quickly.  The character felt like she was 14 instead of 19.

I thought Buck was endearing in a ‘big lug’ kind of way. He totally tugged on the heartstrings when he talked about how difficult it was, and still is, dealing with his disability and how much it affects his life. Buck was so calm and patient with the flighty Sunny when I wanted him to tell her to hit the road.

The supporting characters were fun – especially Randy. I could’ve done without the bazillion comments from Violet on the state of Buck’s body hair but I love how fierce she was in defending her brother. On the other hand, Alex was a massive blowhard and Sunny’s friend, Lily, was a spiteful shrew.

Overall, despite my issues, the sweetly thickheaded Buck made the story for me.  Pucked Up is a sexy romantic comedy with a warm gooey center.

Rating: C+

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Pucked Up
by Helena Hunting
Release Date: October 25, 2015

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