Review: Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

walk through fireReviewed by Carrie

Although I’ve had issues with some of Kristen Ashley’s latest releases, her Chaos MC series has always worked for me. I was really excited to review the fourth book in the series because it is a second chance romance with older characters – a trope I love.  It started out promising, but it quickly became apparent that this was the same old Ashley story/ plot/ characters.

Twenty years ago, Millie Cross “made” the only man she’d ever love walk away from her so he could have a better life. Ever since then, Millie’s been a shell of a person just going through the motions.  She thought she had made peace with her choices until one day, by chance, she runs into her old flame.  All the feelings that Millie had locked down tight roar to the surface as she feels compelled to make sure that her ex really did get the life he deserved.

Logan “High” Judd’s heart never fully healed from the breakup with Millie Cross.  Sure, he moved on, got married and had two kids, but his heart was never really in it.  When High sees Millie at a bike rally, he lashes out with twenty years of accumulated pain. It’s rough and dirty (angry sex FTW!) Both feel a deep sense of betrayal, at the same time acknowledging that the love never went away.

Readers begin to understand Millie and High’s current predicament through flashbacks of their early relationship.  The true reason behind their breakup is revealed and while it is heartbreaking, I felt like it was a bit of a cop out. High’s anger becomes much easier to understand and I appreciated that it wasn’t easily dismissed even as they rekindle their romance.

It is at this point that the story fizzled out for me. There is suspense drama and whiny kids drama and MC drama which all totally took away from the angsty buildup of the first half of the book.  High and Millie’s relationship stuff took a back seat and what replaced it, just wasn’t that captivating.

Despite a lackluster ending, there were things in the story that I really enjoyed.  I was really neat to read the earlier days of the Chaos MC, when the club was about to transition from outlaw to legit. The Chaos old ladies are in full force here as they, as usual, insert themselves in the middle of High and Millie’s drama.  Tack gets lots of page time, which always makes me happy.  It was completely refreshing that High’s ex-wife was portrayed as a normal reasonable adult instead of a shrill harpy.

While this book has been my least favorite Chaos book, Kristen Ashley still gives a nice ride.

Rating: C+/B-

*ARC provided by Forever/GCP

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Walk Through Fire
by Kristen Ashley
Release Date: October 27, 2015
Publisher: Forever


  1. I stopped reading Kristen Ashley a while ago when I realised that all her characters have the same ‘voice’ and the storyline seems to be the same thing but with different setting. A shame as I really enjoyed the first few I read. Glad I am not the only person who has had this problem!

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