Review: A Menage Made on Madison by Serena Akeroyd

menage made on madisonReviewed by Shelly

If you’d like to enjoy this first book in Serena Akeroyd’s ‘The Federation” series, suspend all sense of what you think of reality. Trust me on this. I’ll be upfront and tell you that the heroes have 2 man parts each with the appropriate insertion of 2 man parts into a single woman part.

When Knox’s 2nd friend popped up, all I immediately had a flashback to the first  story I read with that additional appendage – Morgan Hawke’s ‘Interstellar Service & Discipline’ series which still happens to be one of my favorite overall series. That’s the only comparison though and well… of course if you have a 2nd c*ck – there’s no way that you’re from this world, so we’re in a futuristic sci-fi world. I’m not going to compare these two because Hawke’s series is heavy, very heavy S&M which is the complete opposite of this story. This is a much easier read and is still actually quite enjoyable.

Although enjoyable, there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense to me and left me full of questions at the end. Before I get into that, I must commend Akeroyd on her world building. Not just in the resort atmosphere that Parker and Knox have built, but overall, when we visit the planet where Knox and Rafer are from. In the resort, Earth’s influence is heavy because of Parker. The resort is full of bars, restaurants, golf courses, etc. which isn’t really explained very well because Parker was relatively young (teenaged years) when Earth was conquered, and unless she was an idiot savant there’s no way how she can explicitly and comprehensively relay the operational pieces. I could see her reminiscing about what she remembered but …I stopped thinking of logic and I went back to the suspension of things that make sense. And I still didn’t understand how Parker’s still alive after so many years. The organ replacement thing got a glanced over effect,but what about that skin and considering there’s so much focus on the child bearing aspect of their relationship – doesn’t the uterus have a shelf life? But I digress.

The character development of Parker is what sold me. She’s financially successful in a very happy marriage. But what she doesn’t have is the peace and fulfillment that comes from being complete. Remember when Jerry McGuire said ‘you complete me’? Parker’s waiting for Rafer to complete her. Now, that being said, I didn’t buy how she’s so ‘incomplete’. There’s apparently some kind of effect that she gets from Knox’s sperm that supposed to blend with the missing Rafer’s sperm. Okay, that’s understandable in this world, I guess. But again, I digress.

Parker developed a lot self-doubt and angst with the continued absence of Rafer, but it was valid because of the way things went down at the Federation and the lack of communication from Knox about Rafer’s absence. That being said – Parker’s personality was still compelling enough for me to enjoy the story. There’s not a lot of story about Knox other than his time as Parker’s husband and I really wanted to know more about his past, especially his relationship with his family. Then there’s Rafer – he’s kind of a badas* but I didn’t get to see him in action – that would have been absolutely awesome.

The chemistry between Parker and Rafer and Parker and Knox was good – there’s was a single m/f/m scene, everything else was m/f. I’ll continue this series if Akeroyd writes more and I wouldn’t be upset if things got a whole lot more explanation – just sayin’.

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Rating: C

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A Ménage Made on Madison
by Serena Akeroyd
Release Date: March 30, 2015
Publisher: Siren Publishing

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