Barbarian Alien: Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

barbarian alienReviewed by Shelly

After reading the first story in Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarian series, I was really looking forward to the second book. There’s a continuing arc in this series and although you might enjoy reading book 2 and not book 1, I think your enjoyment and appreciation of the erotic elements will be enhanced if you read book 1 first.

I’ll be upfront and say that I didn’t like this one. The dislike had absolutely nothing to do with the writing, because that was just as good as the first story. I couldn’t stand the heroine, Liz. She was completely unlikeable to me. She was just as snarky and just as b*tichy in book 1, but there, it was in short bits and therefore tolerable. I was hoping she would have undergone a personality check considering she’s now dependent on someone else for her survival and would somehow be grateful for that; while I waited, it was really painful by the way, there were moments of redemption, so there’s that. Still didn’t make me like her, though.

I liked Raahosh a whole lot more that I liked Liz, but I mostly felt bad for him because he really didn’t know better, and he was really stuck on the whole being mated thing and not having a choice. That’s one of the many reasons I’m not a fan of the ‘mated’ thing – even if you dislike the person, you’re still stuck. But I digress.

Like Vektal from book 1, Raahoosh has many of the same features (some are more enhanced of course) but color, size, skin, all that’s very similar. What separates the 2 guys is that Raahosh chooses to ‘steal’ Liz and take her away until her khui aka ‘cootie’ eventually accepted his khui. Because of this, the majority of the story is Liz and Raahosh getting to know each other without the influence of the other planet inhabitants. There’s a bit of the tribe’s history that we find out,and we do get a much better idea of the rules and hierarchy of the blue people.

All the other surviving captives, including the ones the guys didn’t know about, are here. Most have mated and children on the way. I’m really looking forward to how these children are born (because of the horns on the head thing) and oh the gestation period that might last between 9 months to 3 years. This should be fun – I can’t wait!

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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Barbarian Alien
by Ruby Dixon
Release Date: June 24, 2015


  1. I like the series , they bring out the best in each other. What about the black girl that taken care of the plants? (In your last book with lalia)Will the plant girl get a story line?

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