Review: Love’s Redemption by Tami VanGurp

loves redemptionReviewed by Shelly

Everything about this story happens quickly. There were moments I was truly confused about the time frame, but then I realized that it’s because the H/h only had 2 shared scenes. I understand that this is a novella, but I don’t understand why we couldn’t have more interaction and dialogue between Chad and Stacey. I don’t understand why everything we learned about them happened in past tense.

Major Chad Jensen’s best friend, Terry, died while they were both overseas serving. One of his promises to his friend was to take care of his younger sister. His way of doing that was to write letters. From what I gather, Chad and Terry’s younger sister, Stacy, were pen pals for a few months and even though Chad and Terry were best friends, they never met each other’s families in the 10 years they were friends. That’s hard to believe. So during their pen palling (yes, I just made that up) there’s some kind of connection – not sure what or why, but there’s a connection. I wish we the audience were privy to some of the back and forth between these two.

Anyhoo, Chad comes back stateside after his service is over. Stopping off in AZ, where Stacy lives, before heading back to CO where his family’s ranch is and where he intends to live and work. During his first meeting, he has unprotected sex with Stacy, the school teacher virgin, and things just go downhill from there.

There’s so much that makes me root for characters and it always stems around me getting to know them. I never got to know either Stay or Chad. By the last few pages, I was skimming paragraphs just to get to the end – this is a novella, that shouldn’t be the case.

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Rating: D

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Love’s Redemption
by Tami VanGurp
Release Date: January 22, 2011

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