Review: Desert Wolf by Heather Long

desert wolfReviewed by Jen

When I started this book, I had no idea that it was the eighth installment in a series. It held up ok as a standalone, although it was pretty obvious there was backstory I was unfamiliar with. That’s not what kept me from loving the book, though. The pacing was uneven. But worse, I never really connected with this romance and I felt like there were holes in the story that had nothing to do with the 7 books I skipped over.

Our hero is Cassius, Alpha of a pack known for its violence and brutality. He has called a neighboring pack for a favor; he wants to borrow their Omega to help transform his pack to something better. Sovvan is that Omega. She risks her own safety to meet with Cassius and hear his request. And when confronted with his stark need, she can’t say no.

Cassius wants to put an end to the bloody Reaping that happens every year in his pack. And he believes Sovvan can help him do it. But it could kill her in the process. In the meantime, they act on their mutual attraction, taking things past the already complicated dynamics between them.

I had problems. One of the biggest was not entirely understanding how the Omega thing worked. I get that she was supposed to be able to mirror people’s weaknesses, but practically, I just didn’t see that clearly enough. She spends all this time avoiding the touch of others, but when I saw her do it, the impact seemed very anticlimactic. For something so central to the story, I felt like this needed a bigger demonstration.

I also kept waiting for more of Cassius’ backstory. I felt like we got part of it, but not the whole story. Like how he became Alpha and where Maria came from. Um, who was her mother? It seems like it would be relevant.

The relationship itself was ok. It went from zero to 100 physically. Then from zero to 100 emotionally. I just didn’t feel it. The sex was pretty good, but I just didn’t feel connected to these two. Or to any of the characters, really. The book was slow at times. Plus the conflict with the Russians came totally out of left field. Maybe I missed more in those other books than I think I did. Or maybe the story is just disjointed. Or maybe it’s just me.

Either way, this one wasn’t a hit.

*ARC provided for review

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Desert Wolf
by Heather Long
Release Date: November 24, 2015

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