Review: Love, Marriage and Mayhem by Maggie Adams

love marriage mayhemReviewed by Shelly

The 4th book in the ‘Tempered Steel’ series is a very quick read, but I would strongly suggest that you read the previous books in the series because it’s a continuing storyline and characters. Unlike the other stories that focused on a single couple, this story has two brothers – Brandon and Lucky. Brandon’s the brother who brings home the strays and is the caretaker of the group. Lucky’s back from some Vegas stint with a new wife and she’s a doozy.

In reading the previous stories in the series, I had issues with being told what happened and the time frame not matching up or really flowing very well. That’s still continues in this story. It wasn’t until 48% into this story that it fell into a groove and started getting interesting. But even with that, I could spot what was coming up a mile away. I have no problem with the concept of this story, none whatsoever. What I have a problem with is the way the story was told. The time frame didn’t run smoothly for me. There were quite a few times where I was lost, and had to re-read, as to when things were happening because a lot of things felt quick, I mean really quick.

Lucky and his wife’s romance wasn’t told. They showed up married, but clearly they never had a serious discussion as to what they both wanted in their marriage.

Brandon and Anna’s romance was so rushed. The only thing we know about Anna is the ‘sacrifice’ she’s making. To be honest, I know once we add the children in the story it becomes ‘it’s for the children,’ but what about the children’s father? He’s now a (not the) bad guy because we only know Anna’s side of the story. That whole thing with Keith had a lot missing for me to buy that whole thing. My complaint of the telling not showing is still here, and I don’t know if that will change. There are a couple of brothers whose story haven’t been told and hopefully the storytelling will improve for those books.

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Rating: C

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Love, Marriage & Mayhem
by Maggie Adams
Release Date: December 1, 2015

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