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nauti seductressReviewed by Jaimie

Oh Lora Leigh – how I love you but hate you right now.  After the little tease we got in Nauti Enchantress, I just knew I was going to love youngest sister Zoey’s story, but man, Ms. Leigh outdid herself with this one.  Nauti Seductress is the newest, and I thought last, book in the Nauti series.  The story itself had plenty of twists that I didn’t see coming, but then at the very end of the book Ms. Leigh just slams you out of nowhere with a WTF ending.  I was reading the book at work (while pretending to be working) and I literally said holy shit really loudly when I read it.  I had to pretend it was a work related issue, but that’s beside the point.  This was INSANE.

Zoey Mackay may be the youngest sister, but she is certainly the most feisty.  In Nauti Temptress when we first found out that Dawg had four younger sisters, she was the first to burst in and demand that he help her mother and she still stands up to him as a woman.  Despite the protection the men put around the women, someone manages to slip into Zoey’s room at the Inn her mother and Timothy own and inject her with a very powerful hallucinogen that has her convinced she has killed one of her friends.

Chatham Bromleagh Doogan, the big man on campus at Homeland Security, has been fascinated with Zoey since he met her five years earlier.  Since that time he has endured a personal tragedy that has him convinced he is not meant for happiness.  When he gets the call and sees the fragile, broken Zoey, he is determined to bring down whoever is responsible for the hell she endured.

When she awakens the next morning, safe in her bed at home, Zoey begins to question her own sanity.  She knows that what happened to her was not just a dream but there is no evidence to suggest it really happened.  They haven’t found Harley either dead or alive, so life must go on.  Determined to protect herself at all costs, she moves out of the Inn and into her own apartment where she has a built-in gym.  Learning martial arts and self-defense makes her feel safer, but she cannot shake the pain in her head whenever she tries to remember what happened to her.

A year later, Doogan shows up in town unexpectedly, and it isn’t long before the fire between him and Zoey ignites.  He tells her there can be no future for them, and despite knowing she will walk away with a broken heart, Zoey dives in head first determined to make the most of the time she does have with him.  Unfortunately, the person who drugged her is back and determined to take her out for good.

This book didn’t have as much of the drama and constant peril of the other books in the series.  There were a few instances, but for the most part, the focus was on the relationship between Doogan and Zoey.  The sex was hot as is par for the course with a Lora Leigh book, but there is also the emotional connection between the characters as well.  I loved both Zoey and Doogan and liked that the story wasn’t just one crisis after another.  It allowed you to invest in the couple.

Since Zoey was the youngest sister, I assumed that this would be the last book in the series, although I hoped that Ms. Leigh would one day write about the daughters that are growing up fast.  Just when you think the story has reached its happily ever after, out of nowhere a huge twist is thrown at you and then the book ends.  I reallllly hope we do not have to wait a long time for this one, because I cannot wait to get my hands on it.  I suspect that one is going to make me cry a lot!

Overall another great book by Ms. Leigh!

Rating: A

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Nauti Seductress
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: November 10, 2015
Publisher: Berkley

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