Review: Peyton 313 by Donna McDonald

peyton 313Reviewed by Jen

I found that I liked a lot of things about this book. It’s a futuristic sci-fi romance with a military cyborg hero and an older scientist heroine. I liked the premise and I liked the dynamic of this unusual enemies to lovers romance. The story isn’t perfect; I did have a few issues, but overall, I enjoyed the read.

This story follows the efforts of a brilliant scientist who is trying to atone for her past sins. Kyra helped develop the technology that turned soldiers into cyborgs to help end the war.  Only, once the fighting was done, no one knew what to do with the enhanced men who still held so much power. So the government took away their free will. They enslaved the men as “Cyber Husbands” to the highest female bidders, while telling the world there was really nothing left of the men’s humanity to save. Kyra knows that’s a lie and she is determined to help the soldiers get their lives back, one man at a time.

She is hoping that with Peyton, the third time is the charm. He is actually the third Cyber Husband she has purchased, with the intention of disrupting his programming. It didn’t end well with the first two. But with Peyton, she has a better plan.  She fully expects her new “husband” to hate her, and once he regains enough humanity to realize what’s happened to him, she isn’t exactly his favorite person. But there is an undeniable attraction, despite all of his righteous anger.  And it only grows as he recovers from all he has endured.

I liked Peyton, his flirtatiousness and his sarcasm. He is sexy and he knows it. But while I didn’t dislike Kyra, I didn’t love her.  I understand that her guilt motivated her, but there were times I felt like I was drowning in it. She cried all the time. She was so full of self derision and flagellation that I truly questioned how Peyton could want to sleep with her. I’m glad she has a conscience and all, but it was a lot. Then once you throw in the trauma she endured at the hands of her ex husband and it was hard to feel the heat sometimes.

There is action to help keep things moving. The other scientists are after Kyra for messing up their plans and she is on the run from them as she and Peyton work to bring in more soldiers. It was engaging, but the villain was a bit predictable and more than a little over the top. The book moves quickly, though, and I liked the sci-fi elements. I also thought the author did a good job laying the groundwork for future stories with Peyton’s fellow soldiers.

It’s not a read that inspires deep feelings, but I did like it for the most part. It moves quickly and delivers on its premise.

Rating: B/B-

*Book provided by author for review

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Peyton 313
by Donna McDonald
Release Date: October 30, 2014

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