Review: Tempting Danger by Eileen Wilks

tempting dangerReviewed by Jen

I’ve been meaning to get around to this series for years. When it occurred to me that I hadn’t found a good werewolf Urban Fantasy series in a while, I figured it was well past time to give the World of the Lupi a try. It was a little more police procedural than I expected. It felt similar in some ways to the early Anita Blake books (without all the polyamorous sex-a-thons that appeared in the later books) or maybe the Kara Gillian series before its sharp left turn. The heroine is someone with a special gift of her own which helps her navigate a supernatural world where humans fear those who are different. The thing is, I liked those books, so it’s no big surprise that I liked this one too.

Lily is a homicide detective who is also a Sensitive. She can feel the influence of magic with her touch. Only a few people know what she can do, but when she uses her gift, it’s only to supplement good, solid police work. As the book begins, Lily is assigned a murder committed by a lupus and all signs point to Rule, the enigmatic Prince of the local pack. Though she is not one to mix business and pleasure, Lily can’t ignore the instant and overwhelming connection she has with the suspect –and over time, we learn there is a good reason for that.  The story follows Lily as she tries to figure out, at first, who the real killer is, and later, why it was staged as a larger plot to target the man she is falling for.

I liked Lily. I thought it was cool to see an Asian American heroine; she is smart and loyal and good at what she does. She has problems, yes, but they stem from real trauma, and I felt like she tried to deal with them in constructive ways. And though she fought the thing with Rule when it seemed reasonable to do so, she also was willing accept her feelings and their relationship when the time came.

Rule was ok. I tried not to judge him for his promiscuity before he got involved with Lily, since it was part of the lupi culture, but it sat in the back of my mind for quite a while. I know there are a lot of things about him that are still a mystery –things, I imagine we’ll learn as the series goes on — and I hope that as more of his character is revealed, he will continue to grow on me.

I really liked Lily’s mysterious grandmother. I definitely hope to see more of her. And I enjoyed the worldbuilding, though it’s slow to reveal in this installment. I think it’s going to get richer over time.

As I said, I liked the book. But a couple of things kept me from loving it. I wish there could have been more relationship development between Lily and Rule. This was far more mate-driven than emotionally compelling. And an even bigger issue: I felt robbed on the climax.  There was all this building and most of the big battle happened off page. Not cool.

But I am interested enough to keep reading. I hope we get to go that rehearsal dinner in the next book.

Rating: B/B-

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Tempting Danger
by Eileen Wilks
Release Date: October 4, 2004
Publisher: Berkley



  1. I’m behind on this series and need to get caught up. Maybe I can use your reviews as a refresher before I pick the series back up. LOL I think I’m only two behind. I do love this series. I think you’ll like it.

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