Review: The Aftermath by RJ Prescott

the aftermathReviewed by Jen

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but for me this sequel did not hold up quite as well. The biggest reason is that it felt too much like The Hurricane all over again. But without the falling in love part. This is a return to the same couple, only now it’s in Con’s point of view, rather than Emily’s. He’s still training for a big fight, only bigger. And she is still dealing with her crazy stalker stepfather, only that’s on the next level too. It was too similar, only we no longer have tender uncertainty between our lovers… it’s now a young marriage.

As the story begins, Con is dealing with major pent up rage over Frank’s abduction of Em and his impending trial. It’s throwing off his boxing game. But he is finally getting the opportunity to take his career to the next level. That means he can’t be there for the trial or its aftermath. This really forces both Con and Em to stand up and deal with their own challenges individually, while still trying to support each other as best as they can.

To some extent, I liked hearing Con’s voice, but I think really would have preferred a split POV to get more of Em’s perspective.  I also really noticed a lack of nuance in these characters. Em is a victim whose kindness and good nature seems endless. Con is the guy who has never known love and will do anything to keep his sunshine in his life. That is everything you need to know about either one of them. And while I didn’t dislike either character, there were no other layers to either of them.

The plot is pretty predictable, and it felt a little over the top. One good manager and Con is competing for heavyweight champion of the world? Really? Frank is such a fantastic puppet master that he can basically do anything he wants? He controls everyone and everything? The plot plays out exactly like it’s set up. All of the Con and Em behaviors are exactly as dictated by their character summations above.

It was ok, but I needed more for a real connection. More layers from the characters. More realism. More surprises. And something that did not feel like the first book all over again. Big fans of The Hurricane may love it just for the same reasons that bothered me and may want to feel the same feels all over again. I’m ready for something new.

Rating: C

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The Aftermath
by RJ Prescott
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Publisher: Forever


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