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trueReviewed by Jaimie

True is the first book in Erin McCarthy’s True Believers series and it’s one that has been sitting on my TBR pile for a while.  Since I’ve been on a bit of a YA kick lately, I figured now is as good of a time as any to check this one out.  I’m not going to say this was an all time favorite book, but I enjoyed it, and I’m going to grab the next book in the series.  It’s a fairly typical YA/NA  book so if you like those, then you will want to read this one.  I’ve read some of Ms. McCarthy’s books before and have always enjoyed them. This book was published in 2013, so its not a new release. If you are like me and you like to dive right into a series then this is a good start, since the rest are already out.

Rory Macintosh is an overachieving 20-year-old virgin, making her way through college while staying firmly in the background.  Compared to her gorgeous roommates and best friends, Rory feels like a plain Jane and the fact that she’s never had a boyfriend confirms that thought in her mind.  When her friends find out that she’s still a virgin, they set a plan in motion to help her live a little and they offer bad boy Tyler $100 to help her with that pesky problem.

On the surface Tyler Mann is a cocky, self-assured guy living a carefree life.  He’s always been intrigued by the quiet, shy Rory, so when her friends try to hook them up he figures, why not?  He knows he’s not good enough for her because she’s pre-med and well on her way to a successful life, while he is struggling to become and EMT so he can help take care of his younger brothers.  With his mom high all the time and not taking care of the boys, Tyler can’t just turn his back and say it’s not his problem.  He has a plan, along with his older brother, to save up enough money to get custody of his brothers so that they can be properly cared for.

I had a couple of issues with the book that kind of took away from my enjoyment a bit.  The first was that it was told only through Rory’s perspective.  I would have liked to have seen things progress through both points of view.  The second is the classic virgin who has great sex the first time. Not reality and it comes up all the time in books.  The third thing is that it kind of felt like the end of the book was rushed.  A great deal of time went in to developing a relationship between Rory and Tyler, but the way it all played out at the end just didn’t really grab me.

Overall it was a fast read and if you like YA/NA, I think you’ll enjoy this one.  There’s no steamy sex scenes, so if you are looking for that then don’t bother.  The focus really is on building the relationship between the hero/heroine and exploring the secondary characters.  Rory’s friends were really interesting so I am looking forward to reading more about them.

Rating C+

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by Erin McCarthy
Release Date: May 7, 2013
Publisher: Penguin

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