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wolf hungerReviewed by Shelly

It’s been awhile since I read Dragon Health (book, 1) and Vampire Thirst (book, 2) but it all came back to me by the end of chapter 1 in this, the 3rd book in Ella J. Phoenix’s Dragon Heat series. I really enjoyed those first two stories and wanted to continue with the series. If you’ve not read those first books, I would suggest doing so before you pick this one up, and I’m most likely going to reveal spoilers from those two.

This book is considerably longer than its predecessors; my e-book edition was 400+ pages. It’s a lot of story being told, but I’m not sure I’m better off knowing every minute detail.

Yara’s the 3rd member of the group that Dragon Queen Zoricah (with Vampire King, Tardieh – book 1) leads. As a shifter and witch, Yara’s unique talents are, well… unique. She’s a water witch and they’re not supposed to be able to shift, and if they can it, certainly shouldn’t be for a long period of time. But Yara’s past as an Amazon was a nice diversion and added well to the development of her personality and story. Before I go on, Phoenix does a phenomenal with the world building. One of the things that I really enjoy, and it’s prevalent in all the stories, is that there’s little to no human interaction. This is a world of shifters, vampires, fae, etc – all the things that gives the paranormal world its specialness, and it’s a fun world to be in.

This story doesn’t focus on the H/h. As a matter of fact, their romance doesn’t even start until well past the 50% mark. That’s the part that didn’t sit well with me. I have zero trouble with the H/h who get to know each other over a course of time; I actually prefer that, but that wasn’t even the scenario with these two. It was one or two across the room ‘eye candy’ stuff that didn’t convince me and a whole lot of flashback. And while I understand that there are dastardly deeds going on and people are busy and everyone has to be diligent – the romance between Yara and Rafe just fell flat for me.

What I did like about Yara was her dedication to her friends, Zoricah and Sam (book 2). Even through the moments of undeniable jealousy after Z and Sam got their guys, I still rooted for Yara because she pushed that crazy away. The relationship with her Amazon sisters and mothers/elders promised better things than was delivered. That whole dynamic of Amazon women (including Wonder Woman – slightly off topic) and their women only activities has always smacked of some ‘…ism’ and usually leaves me hysterically laughing when they have to go get sperm to make babies. But I digress.

Rafe, a white wolf shifter, was an okay guy but he’s an as*hole who’s kinda sorta likeable, especially when he’s trying to help his pack. But I don’t even know why he bothered, because he didn’t even like his pack. He confused me because of his initial role as a bounty hunter/killer and his targets – Zoricah, Tardieh and eventually Yara. To me, he didn’t redeem his actions from book 2. His single gesture at the end was too little too late for me. Even writing this review, I’m not sure I like him for his personality – as douchebag as it was.

Overall, the first ½ of this story is a bit slow but it’s worth it for the 2nd ½ of the story which moves really quickly. For those that are looking for a romance centric story with interaction between the H/h, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for paranormal activity, this should be right on track.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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Wolf Hunger
by Ella J. Phoenix
Release Date: April 25, 2015

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