Review: Get Your Shift Together by Ruby Dixon

get your shift togetherReviewed by Shelly

These novellas are written as serials. A few of my favorite series have been introduced that way and it makes the anticipation fun because there’s a wait between stories. As with the first story, the laughs keep coming in the second novella in Dixon’s Bear Bites series. In book 2, Cole Braxton’s best friend, Leo Prufuchs, finally finds his mate. I didn’t realize that he was looking, but once he found her, he knew it and didn’t try to deny it.

Caroline Abbott’s new in town. She’s invited her on and off again (more off than on, really) boyfriend to Pine Falls to do some camping and hopefully reconnect and restart their relationship. I’m not sure why Caroline was trying to continue that disaster but Leo has to rescue her when the boyfriend abandons her at the camping site.

Keep in mind that these are short and they read more as teasers than any else. There is no real developed storyline and the characters are relatively single dimensional. There’s not a lot of background or pasts shown for either characters. If you’re looking for a quick, fun, otherworldly story about bear shifters – I say go for it. Like book 1, the sexy times don’t get out of hand and they absolutely don’t take up the majority of the story.

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Rating: B

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Get Your Shift Together
by Ruby Dixon
Release Date: January 2, 2016

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