Review: Hell on Heels by Victoria Vane

hell on heelsReviewed by Shelly

This is part 1 of 2 in Victoria Vane’s Hotel Rodeo series. I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, especially when there’s not a disclaimer. But surprisingly that’s not what made me dislike this story. This time I’ll blame the characters. Talk about a couple of self-absorbed jerks – the both of them!

Ty Morgan is bound and determined to renovate the hotel that he’s managing. I’m not sure what his motivation is, but he doesn’t have the finances to do it on his own and is thereby dependent on financial backers. He thought he had one pegged and ready – the owner of the hotel, but unfortunately, Tom ends up having stroke and is incapacitated.

In comes Tom’s daughter from his first marriage. Monica Brandt is the daughter that Tom didn’t know he had until she was 18. The last thing she has time for is to rush to the side of the father she’s just getting to know, but rush to his side she does.

I’m usually pretty lenient about either the hero or heroine not being nice, as long as one of them is, I tend to overlook a lot. But I couldn’t stand either of the people. The way they treat everyone around them tells me everything. The first scene between Monica and her fiancé was so uncomfortable for me because there was nothing loving between them and she gave back to him what he gave her – verbally that is. It’s then my opinion on Monica started, and it wasn’t good.

Monica’s got a ginormous chip on her shoulder. She thinks that Ty’s an idiot in cowboy clothing, but she overlooks both the idiot and the cowboy parts when he sticks his hand down up her skirt (sounds crass, I know). It’s funny because from the way that Tom’s described he’s not that much different than Ty, but I guess his bank account played a big difference in the way that she viewed the man she called father, or that’s the way it seemed to me. She’s from money and respect only money.

Then there’s Ty. This guy thinks he’s a ‘player’ but came across as an as*hat. Talk about having your head stuck up your you know what. He used to be in the rodeo but now manages this hotel. I’m not sure I actually saw him manage, nor am I sure what about management he actually liked. During what sounds like one of their busiest seasons, he’s comping rooms for the rodeo performers and their groupies. I’m not sure that’s something I learned in all those business classes I had to take in grad school, nor is it something that would seem like a wise idea if I’m trying to raise capital to renovate. This dude might look pretty but… just sayin’…

The sex scenes between the two was like watching cats fight, at some point I was ready to pull them apart and call it a day.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C-

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Hell on Heels
by Victoria Vane
Release Date: January 19, 2016
Publisher: Lyrical Shine

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