Review: Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon

barbarian mineReviewed by Shelly

By far, this is my favorite book in the series. The storyline take us much further than the mating frenzy that the prior stories have featured. The conflict is surprisingly different from what we’ve gotten in the past, even better than book 2.

Harlow was one of the abducted women, but unlike Kira, Georgie or Liz, she was one of the women in stasis and didn’t get to interact with any of the women until they were ‘defrosted’. Happy with her ‘khui’, Harlow is okay with the life she now has. Yes, she’s on an alien planet and the men are all blue and 7 feet tall, but she’s happy because her secret is safe and she’s doing well.

This story picks up at the same place where book 3 started. Harlow’s been captured by one of the sa-khui. He felt his ‘khui’ vibrating and felt some kind of intrinsic urge to keep Harlow as his own – so what’s a guy to do? Yep, he clonked her on the head and took her back ‘caveman style’ to his well… cave.

When Harlow wakes up she finds a naked, filthy sa-khui who doesn’t speak any language. One of the reasons I really enjoyed this is because we get to see another side of the sa-khui. One that’s not so easy to figure out. One the might show the not so great side to these barbarians. It tells what happens when someone is not part of a society. The loss of language is one of the bigger challenges of the relationship between Harlow and her mate. He doesn’t know the meaning behind the ‘khui’. He doesn’t know what that is, only that his chest vibrates and his need for Harlow. His ‘need’ is a whole other issue that can make a girl blush, remember he’s naked. Then there’s the whole issue about why he’s outside of the societal make-up of the sa-khui and their cave homes.

For those of us ready to see the alien/human pregnancy progress, we finally get it. The time frame on this story is over a year’s time span, and the environment is not the harsh cold that we’re used to. There are actually different places on the planet that are habitable. So we get to see a bit more of Not-Hoth. All in all – the basic premise of the mates remains and while that’s still fun, the added dimension of new characters made for a fun and enjoyable change.

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Rating: B

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Barbarian Mine
by Ruby Dixon
Release Date: November 3, 2015

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