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blood linesReviewed by Jen

I felt a bit lukewarm about the previous book in this series, and I was looking at this installment as a kind of make-or-break for the series. I’m happy to say that I definitely enjoyed this one more. Maybe it was because the characters have returned to earth, with the focus feeling decidedly more on the lupi. Maybe it’s because I felt more harmony in the different elements in the story. Maybe it was the return of Grandmother. More than likely, it was all of that and more that drew me back in, and will bring me back again for the next book.

As the story begins, Lily and Rule are in Washington DC so Lily can get trained for the FBI. But while they are there, magic starts going wonky. A lupus from another pack is nearly killed after a forced change and Rule manages to save his life, but in doing so, sets a course that ties him to the man’s pack. His enemy’s pack.  As if that weren’t enough, demons are somehow making their way to earth. The supernatural world is blowing up, and there just aren’t enough agents to handle all the problems. So our couple isn’t going home anytime soon.

The plot has several moving parts, all going at once. Rule’s issues with that other pack feature prominently, along with some residual effects from his face-off with a demon. They’re dealing with Lily’s cases with the FBI. But there is just as much focus on what’s happening with Cullen and Cynna. These two are taking center stage alongside the other two, growing their own storyline into the focus of future books. We’re learning more about Cynna’s past as she faces her former mentor… and Cullen finally starts putting together the pieces of what happened to him during the events of “Originally Human.” And they grow closer to the relationship we all knew was right around the corner.

I know not everyone appreciated the multiple POVs in the book, but I felt like the characters were clearly defined enough and their stories were all interesting enough that it worked for me. I liked spending a little time with Rule’s son, and I always like spending time with Grandmother.

I enjoy the worldbuilding in these books, and I am particularly partial to the lupi. I really liked delving more into the packs, their histories, and how it all works. I hope we see even more of that in future books. I do feel like sometimes Eileen Wilks skimps a little in the action of her climax scenes, but I think it was more fleshed out here than in books past.

Overall, I did like this one and it renewed my interest in the series. I will give the next book a try and see if Cynna and Cullen have enough juice to sustain a story of their own.

Rating: B

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Blood Lines
by Eileen Wilks
Release Date: January 2, 2007
Publisher: Berkley

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