Review: Bring the Heat by Jo Davis

bring the heatReviewed by Jaimie

Bring the Heat is the fifth book in the Sugarland Blue series by Jo Davis and this one is an emotional wringer!  After the death of his pregnant wife, who he is currently divorcing, Austin finds himself a suspect in the crime.  The only person he can turn to is a co-worker he has lusted after for quite some time, and he has a hard time accepting her help.  At times he acts like a complete jackass, but overall this was a great story that kept me reading from start to finish!

Life is not going like Captain Austin Rainey expected it would.  He’s in the middle of an acrimonious divorce with his pregnant ex-wife and their child is due soon.  He’s returning to work after having been injured in the last book in the series, and he’s trying to get on with his new normal.  Suddenly he is thrown into a horrific mystery when his ex-wife and unborn son are brutally murdered.  Even worse is the fact that as her ex-husband he’s, of course, a suspect.

Medical examiner Laura Eden has the hots for Austin, but she also firmly believes in his innocence.  Determined to help him prove he’s not guilty, Laura unknowingly puts herself in the crosshairs of a stalker determined to destroy everything that Austin holds dear.

The resulting story is a fast-paced suspense novel that keeps you guessing from the get-go.  Austin is your typical macho hero who tries to push Laura away “to save her” but she is a kickass, strong woman and isn’t having it.  Considering what he’s been through, it’s not hard to get past his behavior because it is understandable. And thankfully, he never crosses the line to full on asshole, so that makes it easier.

The relationship between Austin and Laura is steamy, sweet and not necessarily a “given” happy ending, which I liked.  I also enjoyed how quickly the story progressed, and I found myself unable to stop reading because I had to see who the killer was and how it all ended.

If you are a fan of Jo Davis you will definitely enjoy this one.  It has everything you love about her books – a great hero and heroine that you really get behind, a story that keeps you engaged, and a finish that is satisfying even if it doesn’t end the way you wanted it to!

Rating: B+

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Bring the Heat
by Jo Davis
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Signet

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