Review: Does a Bear Shift in the Woods by Ruby Dixon

does a bear shift in the woodsReviewed by Shelly

Book 4 in the Bear Bites series redeems book 3 (“Shift Just Got Real”). The humor and quick back and forth made a perfect timing return and, dear readers, this is a fun and funny read. Chance Eddington is the epitome of the guy who said ‘I don’t give a damn’ until it’s time for him to win his girl. He’s clueless. Madison Thorne is the newly acquired hair stylist who works for Adelaine Laurent (book 1) at her beauty spa. Madison’s had her eye on Chance, but not for the reasons that you would think. What made this different from the first 3 stories, is that Madison is the first shifter heroine. While keeping with theme, all the guys have been bear shifters from Pine Falls, MN.

After a bit too many drinks at the bar, Madison tells her friends that the next guy to walk through the door gets a makeover. Yikes, because in walks Chance looking like some kinda lost relative of Chewbacca. What happened after their introduction was surprising to me, because I didn’t think Madison would actually say ‘yes’. Yep, you got it – I judged her and found her lacking.

There’s some back and forth between these two that made up for that bar scene and it was enough to bring me back around to thinking Madison’s not as bad as I initially judged her to be. Yes folks, there’s character development in this story. Enough to leave me satisfied. There are still some time frame references that made me re-read certain parts, but overall this was as good to me as book 1.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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Does a Bear Shift in the Woods
by Ruby Dixon
Release Date: January 4, 2016


  1. oh this book sounds wonderful!! I love heroes like this, they are always so entertaining to read.

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