Review: Duke of My Heart by Kelly Bowen

duke of my heartReviewed by Jen

This is my first read by Kelly Bowen, and I enjoyed this book so much, I am already thinking about checking out her backlist. This is the first in her Season For Scandal series, so there is no better time for you to give her a try too. This story has a fabulous, independent and capable heroine and a hero willing to put aside his need for propriety and control to protect the people he loves. All that, plus an engaging story with good pacing that had me reading the entire book in one sitting.

Maximus had been almost entirely absent from London long before he became a duke. He lives his life at sea, used to commanding his crew. That makes it all the more difficult when he returns home to find a situation he has no idea how to handle. His 18 year-old sister has gone missing –leaving a dead, naked earl tied to her bed. Thankfully, his aunt had the foresight to call the company known as quiet fixers in matters of scandal. Ivory is its agent.

She is so darn smart. More than that, she is aware; she thinks quickly on her feet; and she has connections that Max doesn’t even know exist. Ivory can look at a situation, assess it and see the ripple effects of all possible scenarios. She’s really the family’s only chance of saving young Beatrice from ruin, finding the girl and bringing her back home.

Bowen does such a great job fleshing out her characters. Ivory has a great backstory and I felt like I really knew her. I loved watching Max fall for her, even as they both knew they had to focus on the case… even as they both realized they could never have a future. I also enjoyed watching him set aside his need for control, as he acknowledged and accepted Ivory’s skill. I really cared about both of them and I believed in their connection. The scenes where they finally give it to their attraction were pretty great too.

The mystery itself was well done. It kept me completely glued to the page as Ivory unraveled the truth and seeing the lengths she will go to, in order to come through for Max. I was also totally satisfied with the resolution.

There wasn’t really anything I didn’t enjoy about this book –and I will definitely keep reading as the series moves forward.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by publisher

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Duke of My Heart
by Kelly Bowen
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Forever

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