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hordeReviewed by Jen

In a sea of YA series that find it edgy and cool to end miserably, it’s nice to find one that provides an ending that satisfies. If anything, the happy ending may be just a little too perfect, but I’d take than any day over a series that leaves its heroine crazy, alone, or dead. This should go without saying, in my opinion, but clearly not every author subscribes to this conventional wisdom.

I definitely preferred this installment to Outpost. This book moves us out of the puritanical Salvation into the militaristic alternative Soldier’s Pond and beyond. It’s all about Deuce using her foundation as a Huntress in concert with what she’s learned Topside to become an agent of change and strength for the territories. It’s not easy. It’s dirty and bloody and it involves great sacrifice.

It’s easy to forget that Deuce is only 16 years old, which is a problem sometimes. She doesn’t feel like a teenager, though I know in some ways that is kind of the point. But there are times I found myself straining to see someone so young as a savior, more than I had to work to believe in mutant cannibals. It gets even harder when I think about how long she is involved in a romantic relationship without ever moving past kissing. She’s too mature in some ways, too naive in others. Thankfully, her spirit is contagious, as is her loyalty, doggedness, and determination. Intellectually, I have some issues, but emotionally, I’m sold.

I enjoyed jumping back into the action that I missed in the last book. I love the fighter in Deuce and she is in full force here. I love the utter devotion between her and Fade –as well as the deep connection she has forged with her foster family. They are a welcome relief in the moments away from war. And believe me, this is war.

I wondered how this story could possibly resolve in a way I could be happy with. The answer came in a way I never expected. But it worked. And I liked that it meant more than making just making Deuce the best killer. I also really liked how things came full circle in a lot of ways.

There is definite resolution for all the key players. Some had endings happier than others, but nothing is left hanging. I think if you liked the first two books in the series, you’ll be happy with how it ends.

Rating: B

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by Ann Aguirre
Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

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