Review: The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed by Jessica Clare

wrong billionaires bedReviewed by Jaimie

The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed is the third book in the Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare.  This is another book from my backlist that I’ve been putting off, partially because the whole billionaire thing is so overdone lately (how are there soooo many single, hot billionaires??).  I’m glad I put my pessimism aside and gave this one a try, because it was a really sweet story with some steamy hot chemistry between the couple (billionaire stuff aside).

Audrey Petty is the dependable, successful twin to her sister’s chaotic counterpart.  She’s been harbouring a crush on Cade Archer (another billionaire…sigh) since childhood but knows its a long shot.  It appears she’s finally going to get her shot to spend time with him alone at his remote cabin.  However when she walks in, it’s not Cade she finds there waiting.

Reese Durham is a billionaire playboy who has no problem seducing women and leaving them behind.  After Audrey scares his female companion off, Reese decides to have some fun with her – and use her feelings for Cade as leverage.  As he gets to know her, he realizes that there is a lot more to this woman than he initially thought.

Some people might be put off by Reese because he’s cocky and overly confident, but personally I loved him. He wasn’t cruel or mean, he just has a big personality. Audrey clearly needed someone like him to help her let her hair down and stop being so uptight. Her unrequited love for Cade was a little frustrating or annoying at times, but it was clear that Cade only has eyes for her sister.

Audrey’s sad lovesick behavior gets better when Reese comes into the picture, thankfully, and I ended up actually really liking her. The banter between these two made the book even more enjoyable, and you can’t help but root for them. Their chemistry jumps off the pages and the story kept me hooked from the get go.

This was my first experience with Ms. Clare’s work and I am definitely a fan. The characters are well developed, both the hero and the heroine were likeable and there was a great story. Loved it!

Rating: A

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The Wrong Billionaire’s Bed
by Jessica Clare
Release Date: October 15, 2013
Publisher: InterMix


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