Review: Shift Out of Luck by Ruby Dixon

shift out of luckReviewed by Shelly

This novella is a fun, quick read. The first book in Ruby Dixon’s new series ‘Bear Bites’ sets up Pine Falls as the place where the ‘otherworldly’ settle down. Here’s what I know – Pine Falls is somewhere that the Superior National Forest is easily accessible which translates to ‘outdoor camping’ shenanigans going on. So far no public exhibition though, thank goodness.

Cole Braxton runs the general store which is across the street from Adelaide Laurent’s spa. He’s been watching –technically speaking, it might be spying– her for the past three years. Adelaide’s got some meat on her bones and Cole can’t keep his tongue in his mouth for all the drooling he does looking at her when she walks away (he’s likes the posterior view). Adelaide’s had a thing for the brawny bear since she got to town, but as Cole’s not made in move in all the years since she moved to town, she’s almost to the point of giving up on him.

Who doesn’t like a caring hero? Cole’s afraid of physically hurting his love because there was something that happened between a fellow bear and a human woman that didn’t turn out well. To his detriment, Adelaide decides to branch out and go on a camping trip with the town lothario. To my utter delight, Cole’s not having that and he lets Adelaide know, which makes her more determined (it’s predictable but still fun). There’s not a lot of either character development or a big plot that happens here, but the story that’s told is quite enjoyable primarily because of the dialogue; it’s funny stuff.

The sexy times don’t get out of hand and don’t take up the majority of the story. If you’re in the mood for a something short, fun and delightful, give Cole and Adelaide a read.

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Rating: B

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Shift Out of Luck
by Ruby Dixon
Release Date: January 2, 2016

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