Review: Checkmate by Annemarie McKenna

checkmateReviewed by Shelly

Eli Graham’s just come back from being on an 8 month assignment. He’s come back to find the the woman he’s had his eye on for years is in a world of trouble. Nikki Taylor is having the world’s worst luck; she’s witnessed a murder, and the bad guy knows who she is.

Eli and Nikki’s story is really fast paced. Now I didn’t read the first story about Eli’s brother and his mate, so I don’t have context, but I really enjoyed this story. Eli’s from a family of shifters, but they live amongst non-shifters and have kept the secret for century without incident, so far. Nikki doesn’t know about this ‘other’ life; she suspects something, but after years of asking her brother, he’s not telling.

When Eli comes home to find Nikki in the hospital, he rushes to her side to find out what’s going on and how to protect her. There are a few different things going on with Nikki, none of it her fault ,just being in the wrong place at the wrong time kind of thing. But those things add up. The connection between Eli and Nikki goes back to their younger days, and he’s been trying to do the right thing by his best friend’s sister for years, but it’s finally come to the place where he’s either going to man-up or let her slip through his fingers. He decides to man-up.

The chemistry between these two was kinda… well… hot… sparkly… fun… funny… sexy… all the right things that kept me interested all the way through. Nikki’s angst about Eli’s attraction to her when she’s been in love with him for years was really touching. She’s got a few things about her body she doesn’t like, including a new scar on her face. I felt for her, because that’s a hard one for anyone to get over. Then there’s the change in the dynamics of their relationship; every sane woman questions both herself and the other person’s intentions.

Eli was a good guy. He absolutely wanted to help Nikki and keep her safe, especially knowing that she’s his mate and what his life would be like without her in it. But even without the whole mate-thing, Eli wanted Nikki, and he wanted her with a passion that read very well.

Even the bad guy was pretty awesome; he was pleasantly crazy and I had no clue who he really was, so for that suspense, kudos. If you’re squeamish about violence, beware that this has quite a bit.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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by Annemarie McKenna
Release Date: February 13, 2007
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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